Exploring Gratitude with Your Child

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Exploring Gratitude with Your Child
Manners make the measure of a man. Gratitude is an important lesson to teach children which can help them to feel more connected to their community. A girls prep school in Surrey shares ways to explore gratitude with your child.

  • Thank You Letters

At the end of a school year, it’s a good exercise to write thank-you letters with your child for all those that have helped them. This can be a football coach, teachers or their friends. This will allow your child to reflect on all the nice things that they have experienced and how it made them feel which forms the fundamentals of gratitude.

  • Role Model Gratitude

It might be difficult, but where possible, refrain from complaining around your child. This will prevent your child from developing a negative attitude.

Likewise, displaying gratitude when your child is present will help them to also start reflecting on the actions of others. When someone does something kind, make it apparent by saying it out loud. Slowly, they too will start showing gratitude as your mirror copy.

  • Engage in Small Acts of Kindness

Receiving gratitude in return can be quite a fulfilling feeling. To help your child see the importance of showing appreciation to others, you can encourage them to carry out small acts of kindness. This can be wishing for others to have a nice day, paying compliments to others and offering their siblings a hand.

  • Share the Things You’re Thankful for Over Dinner

Take it in turns as a family to talk about the things that you are most thankful for before you eat. This will help your child to get in the routine of practising gratitude every day and in turn, help them to feel closer to those around them.








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