English 101 for Blogger

english 101All new blogger has to understand English 101 if they are planning to use English Language on their blog. This is so easy for a blogger who comes from English native countries because they are so used to the use of English in their communication, writing and other day to day activities.

But for other blogger who comes from developing countries with lack of professional English teacher and where they use their local language in their daily activities.

This difference between the two bloggers when taken into account, is that it is very hard for a blogger who comes from developing nation to master English 101 and avoid common mistake in their article.

In this article, I would show 25 blogs that will help you in improving your writing skill, and master English 101.

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  1. Contextual Spelling
  2. Grammar
  3. Punctuation Sentence Structure
  4. Style
  5. Advanced Issues
  6. Genre
  7. Vocabulary Enhancement
  8. Plagiarism

25 English 101 Blog To Help You

  1. The Invisible Teacher
  2. Our English Teacher
  3. Just Trying to be Better than Yesterday
  4. Pip’s One
  5. My View From Here
  6. English 9A 2010-2011
  7. Mrs Elliot
  8. Teacher Write
  9. Prologue
  10. Teach With Picture Books
  11. How To Teach a Novel
  12. Teaching that sticks
  13. Walk the walk
  14. We Love English
  15. SSC English
  16. Mrs McGriff’s Reading Book
  17. What circumspection! What delicacy of conscience
  18. Adventures in online teaching
  19. Neoblog – A Teacher’s Adventure
  20. Encouraging Thoughts on Teaching
  21. IB-Nagpur
  22. McKenna’s Read It or Not
  23. Healigan’s Second Home
  24. Laura’s Discovery Blog
  25. Mrs H’s Blog

If you are seriously considering mastering English Language, you need to visit this blog and read their guide into English 101.


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