Ecological Rubbish Removal in London’s Beautification Projects

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Governmental statistics show that London is one of the world’s greenest cities with an estimated 35,000 acres of public parks, woodlands and gardens. The capital’s 40% of public green space has to be balanced against the harm done by air pollution (especially from vehicles), and the fact that the residents of some neighbourhoods have recreational areas which show the neglect of decades. Rubbish removal in London in public areas has often relied on the efforts of volunteers. However, a number of initiatives have been set up to remedy this situation.

The Mayor’s ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’ Project

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, said recently that London’s problems stem from the fact that the city’s infrastructure has catered for the needs for vehicles for far too long. In 2017, he announced a £33-million project to improve neighbourhoods. This ambitious plan, organised in cooperation with Transport for London, was intended to transform the landscape.

Before any work could be carried out, rubbish removal in London (including years of fly tipping) would beautify the areas. Using a service like Clearabee would ensure that the disposal of the accumulated rubbish would be environmentally friendly since the country’s number one rubbish removal service diverts 90% of the rubbish away from landfills.

Apart from rubbish removal in London, the project’s aim was to reduce the overuse of cars and encourage Londoners to use public transport, walk and/or cycle. This would be achieved by the creation of pedestrianised areas alongside a network of walking and cycling paths. The scheme was intended to have important health benefits for the capital’s residents. Not only would they be encouraged to keep in shape but the greenery would drastically improve the city’s air quality.

7 London boroughs have already benefitted from the initial part of the scheme, but now the Mayor has announced that the project has been extended, taking investments up to £55.4 million. 18 more London boroughs (including Hounslow, Lambeth and Tower Hamlets) have been awarded
funding to make improvements in their areas.

Enfield’s ‘Full Stream Ahead’ Project

Apart from citywide multi-million-pound initiatives like the ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’ programme, Londoners are also setting up their own individual projects to beautify their city. In cooperation with the water charity ‘Thames 21’, the residents of London’s northern borough of Enfield are planning to create Sustainable Drain Systems (SuDS).

Not only would this system boost the flood defences in the area, but it would also improve the water quality of streams like Pymmes Brook (which feeds into the River Lea). The water has been polluted by badly-connected sewage pipes as well as the run-off from roads (containing heavy metals, oil and microplastics).

The scheme’s organisers believe that an improvement in water quality will lead to the return of fish as well as bird species such as kingfishers, herons and egrets. This nature haven in the heart of the city will become the ideal place for activities like pond-dipping as part of educational school trips and family outings.

Before work gets underway on planting reed beds, volunteers will be needed to pick up the rubbish littering the banks as well as in the water.

Clearabee can be of assistance in making sure that such projects are a roaring success. Apart from their commitment to the environment by recycling or reusing what they collect, they offer a range of services for rubbish removal in London. Volunteers can buy portable beebags (also known as skip bags) while their ‘man and van’ hire service can reach areas which are inaccessible for larger vehicles.

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