8 Benefits of having a Smartwatch

Smartwatch combines smart features with regular watch and comes in different shapes and colours. The hidden features in smartwatch makes it a must-have for everybody. In this article, we are going to look at the benefits of having a smartwatch. 8 Benefits of having a smartwatch Smartwatch comes with different features that we are going … Read more

14 day self-care challenge

We have previously discussed 30 day self-care challenge on our blog, you can check it out if you want to start 30 day self-care challenge but in this post, we are going to focus on 14 day self-care challenge. We try to remove from the 30 day self-care challenge and add a new self care … Read more

6 Healthy Habits To Start After Covid-19 Pandemic

  With more countries rolling out Covid-19 vaccination and relaxing lockdown laws, there is a need for you to know more about healthy habits to start after Covid-19 pandemics and keep yourself healthy and fit. Covid-19 pandemic has created a lot of awareness toward healthy living and healthy lifestyle in this world, with so many … Read more

12 Amazing Ways To Manage Stress

Stress is a state of mental panic and worries, as a result of problems from your work or life which causes strong feelings of anxiety or worry. It is a part of life and we face it every day. When stress becomes overwhelming or uncontrollable, it affects the mental health and the whole well-being. These … Read more

10 Effective Time Management Tips

We all want to save money, for obvious reasons. The fact that it can provide us with anything we want makes it a good enough resource to save.

But what about time? Do we save it enough? Do we think about it enough? And even after knowing that time is infact a finite resource for us and we only have so much of it

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