8 Tips For Buying a Used Car after Lockdown

Being a car owner eases the major stress one passes through in urban centers. Most importantly, after lockdown, owning a car encourages social distancing. A privately owned car can’t be compared to the public transportation system in curbing the coronavirus outbreak. However, you can meet up with your car dreams even in bad times because … Read more

Creating a Budget for new business

Having decided the type of business you are interested in. Also, you have done all your findings on how to establish such a business. You need to start budgeting for your business, including your expenses and profits. In this post, we will look at creating a budget for new business. From registering the business with … Read more

How to live cheap in 2020

Find out how to live cheap in 2020; frugal living doesn’t mean you will suffer because you are saving money. It simply means that you are interested in saving money every month that can go to other stuff that you might need later, or you can use the money you save to invest and increase … Read more

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