Exploring Gratitude with Your Child

Manners make the measure of a man. Gratitude is an important lesson to teach children which can help them to feel more connected to their community. A girls prep school in Surrey shares ways to explore gratitude with your child. Thank You Letters At the end of a school year, it’s a good exercise to … Read more

The Benefits of Sports in Schools

Aside from the obvious physical benefits of participating in sports, sporting activities provide emotional and mental health advantages for children, as well as the opportunity to enhance social skills and self-esteem. Making sports a part of children’s lives from an early age is a good idea so they can reap sports benefits for a long … Read more

Exploring Internet Safety With Your Child

It can be a tricky balance helping your child learn about the potential dangers of the internet without scaring them off using it. As parents, it’s our responsibility to teach our children about internet safety while also highlighting all the amazing opportunities the internet provides for connection and learning. As soon as your child expresses … Read more

Exploring Stem Subjects With Your Child

STEM is a method of learning and development which integrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Via STEM subject children can learn more about creative thinking, how to solve problems effectively, how to work as part of a team, take risks which they’ve thought out carefully and discover new ways of doing things. You are your … Read more

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