Why is Reading so Important for Children

Books provide food for the brain. They teach children new things and help them with their development in a number of ways. Those that read benefit from higher cognitive ability as well as greater understanding of the world and emotional intelligence. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of reading for children, … Read more

A Parent’s Guide to A Levels

As your child approaches the end of their time at school, they will need to make a decision with regards to the subjects that they want to study at sixth form or college. They aren’t much different from their GCSEs, apart from the fact that they are more in depth and require more hours of … Read more

How to Raise a Team Player

We all like a good sport. A team player that we can get along and work well with. Being able to work in a team is a valuable skill as most careers and areas of life involve collaboration of some sort. It takes the ability to put your own needs aside sometimes and an awareness … Read more

How to Motivate Your Child to Learn

The fleeting motivation to study is something that a lot of children suffer with. Fighting the urge to play, surf social media and procrastinate in general is not easy but there are ways in which you can help. You can start by looking at what motivates them, tailoring your approach to teaching, and looking for … Read more

How to Raise a Compassionate Child

Compassion is something you can help your child with throughout their lives. It’s part of what makes your child know how to manage problems, face adversity head on, and improve their resilience skills as well. Being compassionate shows your child how to be thoughtful, honest, and respectful towards others, even if they don’t know them. … Read more

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