20 Blogging Tips For Blogger

Starting a new blog is very easy, in fact you can design your blog within one hour and starting posting your content for your visitor to read about and comment on, but finding content to post on your blog involve carefully research about your topics and writing any topics on your blog without keyword research … Read more

How To Install WordPress Plugin

The beauty of using WordPress instead of other blogging platform is the ease at which you can customize your site with plugin. WordPress is filled with plugin that you need for your blog, with just one click you have installed plugin instead of adding code to your theme header which is difficult for blogger with … Read more

How To Create Logo On Canva

Creating a logo for your blog is very difficult for new blogger who wants to create their logo and they don’t have money to pay graphics designer. Even if you have well-written content, the first impression visitor gets when they visit your blog is your logo. This article will focus on how to create logo … Read more

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