Can you really make money with panelpolls?

can you really make money with panelpolls

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can you really make money with panelpollsPanelpolls is a survey website where USA resident can join and make money online, but the questions on your mind is whether panelpolls is legit or panelpolls is a scam. In this article, we are going to do an in depth analysis of panelpolls to check if panelpolls is genuine or not.

One of the main problem of making money online is the presence of fake website in large number trying to pass off as genuine in order to find people to join their program and rip them off.

This so called fake company attract unsuspecting people to join by offering mouth watering offers which is always higher than the industry average. They offer this higher payout for gig because they know at the end of the day, they are not paying anybody a single dime.

Another tactic they use is to pay their customers for the first three month and when they got the number of people they are looking for, they stop paying. This is why it is better for you to research about any sites before joining.

What is Panelpolls?
According to panelpolls website, they describe their site as a paid survey and opinion site for families, kids, teens, young adults, parents and adults. Panel members receive invitations to participate in surveys and earn virtual points redeemable for cash and electronic gift cards for sharing their opinion.
The site is looking for everybody to join and participate in their survey, the only downside is that the site is only for resident of USA only. I don’t know if they are going to accept visitor from worldwide to join. If you are looking for legit way of making money online with no stress and you are guarantee of getting paid per month. You can read my guide where I focus on different ways of making money online.

Panelpolls has been in operation since 1999 and is founded by Touchstone research, a research company founded in 1991.
All this claim can be found on their websites.

Who can join panelpolls survey
Panelpolls survey is looking for everybody to join and participate. The company is not like other survey company that are looking for a specific age limit and gender for their survey.
Another category of people that most survey company neglect us kids. With panelpolls, your kids can also join with your consent.
1. The user must be resident of USA
2. Kids between the age of 2 – 14 can join if their parent are member already and review their child activities.
3. Teens between the age of 15-17
4. Young adults between the age of 18-34

How to join Panelpolls
To join panelpolls is very easy and will only take few minutes of your time.

  • Head over to panelpolls website and look for the sign up button. If you are a smartphone, the sign up button is at the footer section of their website.
  • Click on the sign up button will bring you a page where you will input your personal information like age, gender, email address, education, and so on.
  • Make sure that you fill the information correctly because the information you provided will be use to select whether you qualify for a survey or not.
  • Check your email to activate your membership and within a week if you qualify for survey, panelpolls will reach out to you.

Ways to earn money with panelpolls

  • Surveys – Receive invites to paid surveys that you/your family qualify for and earn up to $1-$10+ per survey
  • In-Person & Virtual Focus Groups – Receive invites to participate in projects in your city or online and earn up to $50-$300 per project
  • Online Communities – Receive invites to online communities that you may qualify for and earn up to $10-$200+ a month
  • TV Show & Video Testing – Watch videos, TV shows, movies and commercials and get paid for your opinion and Earn up to $5-$10 per test
  • App & Game Testing – Get paid to test new games and apps before anyone else and Earn up to $10-$100+ per test
  • Kids & Family Projects – Parents receive invitations for activities your family may qualify for when you sign up your children

How to withdraw your earning from panelpolls
You can withdraw your earning from panelpolls through Amazon gift card and Check.
To withdraw using Amazon gift card, you must have a balance of 10,000 panelpolls point which is equivalent to $10 while if you use check you must have a balance of 20,000 panelpolls points which is equivalent to $20.

How often will you qualify for survey on panelpolls
Panelpolls use the information your provided to select participant who match the survey requirements. This is why you must filled the correct information. Once panelpolls find a survey that match your information, you will be notify in form of a new email.
The email will contain all the necessary information.

Is Panelpolls Legit
This is very hard to know whether panelpolls is legit or not. The information on their website is genuine and you should be able to cash out.

Can I turn panelpolls to my main job
What survey sites offers is a way for you to make extra income per month and you can’t rely on them because there are weeks where you won’t get survey. If you are looking for a way to turn your side hustle to main source of money, why not consider blogging.


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