Can you really make money with ErliBird

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Can you really make money with erlibird

If you are looking for a way to make money online, you can consider erlibird as a source of extra income per month.

Though the amount of money you can make with erlibird is not much but you can use erlibird earning to offset some bills.
There are so many ways that you can make money from the internet, with the spread of internet and adoption of internet in almost every sector, you should be able to make money online very fast and easy.

Am sure by now, you would have heard about fake website trying to rip off unsuspecting people, you should avoid this fake sites by researching about any making money sites before investing.

This would give you an opportunity to avoid fake sites and focus your resources on legit websites that you are sure of getting paid at the end of the month.

What is Erlibird?
Erlibird is a beta testing site that pay people to test applications, websites and other digital products in exchange for an agreed sum of money usually between $10 – $25.
As a beta tester, you are providing valuable information about the digital products before they are release to the market. The information you provided are implemented to improve the digital products.

Beta testing is a way of making money and a lot of people are beta tester for big companies physical products but with erlibird you are testing digital products.

How does Erlibird works
If you want to join erlibird and start making money from the sites all you have to do is register on their platform by filling your personal details and select your device.

Once you are through with the filling of personal details, make sure that you select “priority member” this gives you opportunity to get invited for beta testing before other members and you can also share your referral link to your friends and follower and earn commission if your friend become a beta tester through your link.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must be able to speak and write fluently in English.
  • Must own a smartphone and personal computer.
  • Reliable internet connection.

How much money can you make?
According to erli bird website:

BetaTesting is a fun way to make a few dollars on the side and help impact product development for exciting new products, but it isn’t meant to replace a job. The number of tests you receive depends on how many clients match your interests and demographics, and your quality feedback history. You may receive anywhere form 0-5 opportunities each month.

If you are looking for other side gig to do, why not consider having your own personal blog where you can control how much you can make in a day.

There are a lot of successful blogger who have turn there blog into full time business. Though it take some time before you can make money from your blog, the amount you make from your blog is enough to take care of your bills.

How are payments made?
Payments are made via PayPal 7 days after the end of a project. This allows the product owners each time to review, rate, and approve your feedback. You can withdraw to your PayPal accoubt your earning when you have a balance of $5.

Is ErliBird Legit?
A lot of people using erlibird claim that erlibird is paying their customers. Though a lot of available gig is for charity donation but you can still make money from erlibird. Make sure that you fill your information correctly and provides high quality review.

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