Blogger vs What Should I Go For

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When it comes to starting a new blog, you will have heard about blogger and This two blogging platform are definitely among the most sought after blogging platform available presently.

In this article, I am going to look at blogger vs and the best platform to choose from for new bloggers.

Blogger is a simple blogging platform that allows you to create blog for free. It was founded in 1999 by Pyra Labs and acquired by Google in 2003. What makes blogger unique is that blogger is actually free to use. Google takes cares of the hosting of every article, video, and picture for free. It add blogspot in your blog address and your blog address look like

You purchase your domain name if you want to remove blogspot in your blog address. This makes your blog address looks more professional and shorter.

While on the other hand started out in 2003 as a simple blogging platform but has evolve into a content management system. is open source and free to use without paying a single cent.

Unlike blogger, where you only need to buy a domain name. You will have to buy a domain name and hosting plan to install your

Setting up your blog on blogger

Setting up your blog on blogger is very easy and you can create your new blog within five minutes.

  1. Sign up with your Google account, if you don’t have you can create a new Google account.
  2. Enter the name of your blog.
  3. Choose your preferred blog address, have it in mind that blogger will add blogspot to the address.
  4. Choose your theme from theme available. You can buy new theme if you want.
  5. You have created your blog. If you want to use a domain name for your blog, head over to Google domain and buy domain of your choice from $12.
  6. Other domain registrar that you can purchase your domain name from include namecheap, dynadot, Godaddy and so on. Google domain make it easier to add custom domain with just a click.
  7. Create your blog pages like about me, contact me, guest post and so many more that you want.
  8. Publish your first post, you can add your picture, video and external link in your post.

Setting up your blog on is free to install and use for any purpose, it powers over 25% of website in the market. But before you can use, you need to have two things.
1. Domain name: Blogger allow you to create your blog without using domain name, but you need to have your own domain name before using is just like blogger, it allows it user to create sites for free, it add WordPress to your URL and footer ads. And when you migrate to their paid plan, your blog address remove WordPress from your URL and footer ads.
2. Web hosting: The next thing is to choose a reliable hosting company for your sites. There are hundreds of company claiming to be the best in the market. So, choose one that is highly recommended. hosting company must have:

  • 99% uptime rate everyday. Host like sitegroung even boast of returning your month if you experience any downtime in a month.
  • Free basic SSL certificate, you can migrate to paid SSL certificate to enhance and improve your site security.
  • Daily backup of your content.
  • Unlimited free email address to use for your site.
  • Fast and reliable technical service to assist you.

How to install WordPress
Now that you have purchase your host and domain name. The host companies will send your login information to access their server.

  • Log in to your host cpanel.
  • Look for WordPress autoinstaller on your dashboard. There are a different autoinstallers you might use depending on your hosting company:
  1. Softaculous
  2. Fantastico
  3. QuickInstall
  4. MOJO Marketplace

I will be using softaculous to install WordPress.

  • Enter your personal details, domain name, user name and password of your WordPress blog. This should take a few minutes to installed when you click on the install button.
  • WordPress would send you a link to the email address you provided. The email will contain your WordPress blog link. It would look like this domain name/wp-admin
  • Enter the link on your browser and enter your username and password.
  • This will give you the back end access of your site. Customise your blog with your preferred theme and plugins.

Blogger vs what should I go for.
By now, you should be able to create your blog using blogger or
We want to compare blogger and and what you should go for.

1. Domain name
Both blogger and requires the use of domain name. Why blogger allows it’s user to use its own free sub domain until you are ready to get your own domain. requires its user to have a domain name before you can use the software.

2. Hosting
Blogger host all it’s user blog for free while requires that you have a hosting plan before you can use the software. The amount spends can be from $2.95 – $20 per month for host.

3. SSL certificate
Blogger comes with free SSL certificate that you can activate on your blogger dashboard for free. While depending on the hosting service you use, you can get a free SSL certificate as well.

4. Email address
Most hosting company has free email address of your blog, you can create unlimited email address and this makes your blog look more professional especially when doing outreach program. While you can get your blog email address in blogger you have to buy email address. Or you can use Google email address that you use in creating your blogger account.

5. Theme and plugin
This help to customise and improve your blog performance. Plugins helps to remove the need of coding and with just few click you can get anything you want to do. Blogger comes with his own free theme and plugins, the plugins is very limited compare to You can buy your blogger and theme from theme marketplace.

6. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Both blogger and are seo friendly, you are assure that your blog would rank if you follow Google guidelines and avoid blackhat seo.

Blogger and are one of the best blogging platform in the market. Blogger is mainly suited for creating blog but you can use it to create website while is suited for a wide range of sites, blog, e-commerce sites and so on.

I hope by now you will be able to understand and choose your blogging platform and understand the comparison between blogger vs

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  1. Having experienced both Blogger and WordPress I would most certainly recommend WordPress out of the two. I found blogger was just really hard to organically get traffic to…



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