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Best Squarespace template for blog in 2018If you like tweaking your blog design until you get the perfect design for your blog, there is a high chance that you will need to change your blog template until you get the right design for your blog. If you are using squarespace for your blog, you can also change your template until you are satisfy with the overall look and design. This article would focus on best squarespace template for  blog or website in 2018. I recommend using WordPress because it is open source and comes along with free plugins and theme to suit your blogging need.

if you choose WordPress, you need to host your website. The best web hosting is BlueHost.

Have it in mind that some features are not supported by the some template, this is why you should go for template that support the feature that you want on your blog and the template is mobile friendly because you don’t want to be losing mobile visitor on your blog.  Mobile friendly blog can lead to an increase in the number of organic visitor for your blog because most visitor are now using mobile device to access your blog. If you think I am lying you can check your blog Google analytics to find the number of visitor accessing your blog from mobile device and compare with desktop device. This is why most templates in 2018 are mobile friendly.

Finding the right template for our website can be quite challenging, this is because squarespace has over 80 templates to choose from, though not as many when compare to other platform especially wordpress, this high number can be quite challenging because of the different features and niche each template was design to work with. Squarespace is not limited to blogging, you can also build website for your business, it depends on the template use and level of experience of the web designer when it comes to squarespace design, as it can make a major difference between mediocre and excellent design, if you want to design your website, you can look for professional web designer that specialise in squarespace and look at their previous work to chose the best designer for your website. Since the article focus on blog, let us look at the best template that you can use for your blog, have it in mind that the overall design and look depends on your level in web designing. If you are not sure of your work when it comes to designing blogs, you can outsource the design to professional web designer.

Best Squarespace Template for Blog In 2018

The Five Template

This template was created by squarespace and the main target that have in mind is for business website, but due to it simplicity design it is the most widely use and oldest template for blogger. You have the option of creating a side column layout on your blog. Side column layout can be use to capture email which is now important for all new and existing blogger, highlight recent page so that your visitor can read about the recent articles on your blog which help to increase the blog page view and search bar so that visitor can quickly search about related topics. This is the first template that include the side column layout in the design and the go to template for new blogger, if you thinking of starting your blog on squarespace or you have a blog on squarespace and you are thinking of changing your blog design, give Five template a try and I make sure that you will like it.

Brine Template Family

The best squarespace template when it comes to blog and website. It is easy to customise and also allow e-commerce integration, parallax scrolling for your image, index pages and side bar. The easy e-commerce integration allows you to sell products and service right on your blog or website. The most important feature of the template is the parallax scrolling which makes images or pictures on your blog stand out. Brine Template family comes with different template for you to choose depending on your need, some of the template include – Brine, Aria, Basil, Burke, Cacao, Clay, Ethan, Fairfield, Feed, Foster, Greenwich, Hyde, Jaunt, Juke, Keene, Maple, Polaris, Sofia, Sonora, Wav, Thorne etc.


Original design for business website, most blogger now use Bedford template on their blog because of its simplicity and aesthetic looking which makes your image to look brighter, this has make blogger to migrate from Five to Bedford. You can include feature post on your post header, and also comes with side bar column which you can customise to your choice to include recent page, categories, email capture, and search bar. The only drawback to this template is that you cannot edit the header and footer of the template.

Are you a blogger who is looking for squarespace template to use on your blog, or you already use a template on your blog, share with us the template you choose, why you choose the template and  your experience in the comment box below.






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