Best Affiliate Program For Newbie

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Best Affiliate Program For Newbie

If you just starting affiliate program for the first time the number of affiliate program to join is large and can be quite confusing for newbies. I will list 10 best affiliate program to join for newbies.

Affiliate program is the best way of monetising your website. After you have create your website and the number of view per month increases. You will be thinking of monetising your website to generate revenue. This is why you need to know the best affiliate program to join that is guaranteed of paying you after your website visitor purchase a product from your affiliate links.

There are different ways that you can use to generate revenue from your blog. It is quite expensive for you to set up your blog. You need to purchase domain name from domain registrar. If you are thinking of buying domain name from other domain registrar apart from Godaddy, you can read more about Godaddy alternative.
You also buy web hosting for your blog, if you are looking for cheap and reliable web hosting, I will recommend Bluehost. For just $2.95 per month you get a web hosting with unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, free professional email address and 99% uptime.

After paying for this stuff, you can look for a good web designer to design your new blog. After you have create your blog, you will want your blog to generate revenue.
Blogger can monetise your blog through Google AdSense, Sponsored Post and the best way of monetising is through affiliate program.

What is Affiliate Program?
Affiliate program is a system where by affiliate partners in collaboration with affiliate company to create products and service. When you join this affiliate company, you are eligible to promote affiliate partners program.

Some affiliate partners will require a series of test before you can promote the program.
You will be given a unique affiliate links with up to date tracking system to track your affiliate links. When your blog visitor click on this affiliate links and perform a specific instructions that the affiliate partners want, you earn some money.

The amount you can make in a month depends on the number of blog visitor that click on your affiliate links and perform the task required.

Affiliate program model

  • Pay per click affiliate programs: This affiliate model, pays their members when someone click on your unique affiliate links.
  • Sign up affiliate programs: This model is based on when someone sign up through your affiliate links. The affiliate commission depends on factor like location, sex and age. Countries are divided into different categories and commission. Make sure that you promote your affiliate links to countries with high payment schedule.
  • Buy a product: This model is the highest affiliate commission, you are paid when people purchase a products through your unique ID.

Best affiliate websites to promote your affiliate code
If you want to start affiliate marketing and you are looking for the best affiliate websites to promote your affiliate code, I will list 2 type of affiliate website to promote affiliate links.

  • Coupon website: Every body loves free thing but when they can’t find free thing, they are looking for discount and price reduction program. Coupon website finds all the latest deals about products and service for thier visitor in exchange the affiliate companys pays them a small percentage as affiliate commission. You can create coupon website that focus on hotels, travels, e-commerce and so many more.
  • Blog: There are so many blog that cater for different niche. A blog about beauty and skin products can promote affiliate program that us geared towards beauty. When your blog visitor increases, you can add your affiliate code into your post or a products review of a particular prodcuts.

Make sure that you have use the products which help you to write a well detailed review.

High paying affiliate programs
If you are looking for high paying affiliate program to join that is tested and trusted. I will list 10 top paying affiliate program for you.

  • Jetradar

Jetradar is a company that focus on helping its user find cheap airline ticket for the next travel destination. This is one of the best travel affiliate programs, if your website focus on travelling, tourism, or exploring of new places you can sign up with them.
When people purchase airline ticket through your affiliate links, you get 70% of their profits. You can promote your affiliate link through banner, white label and text link. With up to date tracking system, your clicks and revenue will be counted.

  • Shareasale

Shareasale is an affiliate company with different affiliate partner to choose from.
It is easy for you to be accepted into their program when your blog or website is getting visitor from search engine and you use a professional email address of your blog.
When they accept you into their program, you can promote over 1000 affiliate partner program.

  • Shopify

Shopify is an online platform that makes it easy for you to create your e-commerce website, manage and promote your online store.
Shopify allow affiliate marketer to promote their program and is one of the top paying affiliate programs with up to 200% affiliate commission.

  • Long Tail Pro

Long tail pro is a keyword research tool in the market. Their tools help blogger and website owner to find high ranking keyword easily.
To promote their program, you need to sign up through clickbank. And you get 30% affiliate commission for every purchase through your link.

  • Berush Affiliate Program

Berush affiliate program is created by Semrush an online tool for digital marketer, blogger, and website owner.
You get 40% lifetime affiliate commission when someone purchase their product through your link.

  • Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is a web hosting company that hosting website and blog. The company provides cheap and reliable hosting for just $2.95.
The company offer affiliate program with high commission.

  • StudioPress Affiliate Program

Studiopress offers high quality premium theme and plugin with over 200,000 people using their products.
With 35% affiliate commission and the program is run through shareasale.

  • Peerfly

This is one of the best cost let action affiliate program. When user complete a set of particular action, you are reward with a small amount of money. Best way to make money peerfly is to inform your visitor of the action required to make money.

  • Printful

Printful is an online company that engage with printing of shirts, clothing, posters, and mug.
You get 10% of every order you refer to them.

  • WordPress Engine

WP Engine provides WordPress hosting for their customer with fast load time. They have more than 50,000 customer using their service.
The program is run by shareasale and you get $200 per sale or 100% of the first customers payment.
There are different affiliate program to choose but when you choose one from the list of best affiliate programs your website revenue will increase.

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  1. I’m using WordPress and I wasn’t aware that they offered an affiliate program. I have connected with Word Ad which after three months has tripled in revenue to 0.98/month. I have registered with Adsense but have no where near the number of views needed. In my blog I’m not selling or reviewing anything and that isn’t the direction I’m looking to go into. I’m about sharing my stories and photography and if I can make a little a long the way the great. There are a lot of really good ideas here, I’m going to look at them closer. Thanks.


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