The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

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The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

Extra-curricular activities are vital for children of all ages. The opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends, grow in confidence and to learn how to work as part of a team are the main benefits of joining in. If your child isn’t too keen, try to find at least one extra-curricular activity which they can enjoy. Here are some ideas to suit children of various personality types.

Shy children – shy children don’t always want to participate in team activities but that doesn’t mean they can’t join a club.

  • Chess club
  • Art classes
  • Music lessons
  • Creative writing lessons
  • Metal detecting groups
  • Crafts such as sewing

Sporty children – in addition to the usual football or martial arts, there are many more unusual sporting activities to enjoy.

  • Rowing
  • Archery
  • Cricket
  • Quidditch
  • Table tennis
  • Hiking

Creative children – usually these children need a lot of input in order for them to find something they really enjoy.

  • Drama classes
  • Role playing games
  • Dance classes
  • Choir
  • Singing lessons

Whether you encourage your child to join in the extracurricular activities offered at their school or to join in with things in local towns close to home is up to you. This independent school in Surrey is a great example of a school which offers a broad range of extracurricular activities to suit all interests.

Attending a mix of both in-school and out of school activities is a good idea- this way children can make new friends and deepen existing friendships.

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