A Parents’ Guide to GCSEs

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A Parents' Guide to GCSEs

GCSEs are probably the first big hurdle your children will have to overcome. However, there can be a lot for both parents and children to understand about the process. Here’s a rough guide to GCSEs to help you understand.

Getting used to different exam boards
There are a host of different exam boards that schools will use. What one school will follow may not be the same as another school. It will also be different in private independent schools, so your child can’t always rely on friends from different schools to help them out. However, they tend to follow a similar curriculum. The questions and exam paper layouts may well be different and your child should follow what they’re being taught in their classes for good reason.

  • There will be a lot of exams to revise for

It’s good to put together a good timetable for your child to follow when they’re revising. There will be a lot of exams put together within 2 – 3 weeks, which can look really daunting to most children. With that in mind you should work with them to figure out when exactly they’ll be sitting which exams and prioritise revision during those periods.

  • Manage your child’s stress levels

GCSEs are tough at a young age, especially so many all in one go. It’s important to be organised and help your child learn to organise themselves as well. Give them space, but also point them in the right direction – help them learn how to pick up skills for themselves and also work on their management of priorities.

GCSEs will ultimately test your child in a curriculum they’ve been following for many years. It’s important they continue to brush up on their skills throughout their learning journey, and if they are after particular grades ensure there is more focus on those areas.

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