9 Effective Techniques to Generate Web Traffic in 2020

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Do you want to double your web traffic in the new year? Follow these 9 effective SEO techniques to generate more web traffic in 2020.In this highly-competitive digital world where everyone is fighting to secure the top position in Google’s SERPs, definitely, you are also in the competition and struggling to stay ahead in the game. But the question is ‘How to rank higher on Google?’

Well, for this you need to drive huge traffic to your website, and then only you will be visible to your global audience. Do you want to double your web traffic in the new year? Follow these 9 effective SEO techniques to generate more web traffic in 2020.

1. Tune-up Your Website with a Complete SEO Audit

If your website is not driving enough traffic and sales, it’s high time that you consider a thorough website SEO audit. While carrying out the technical and SEO audit of your website, you’ll come across flaws in your website and other causes that are affecting your website traffic.

There are several SEO companies that provide SEO audit of your website. However, if you’re tight on budget and want to save time, you can do it all by yourself. The process involves examining your results, events and a concept to identify where you’re going wrong. Therefore, make sure you do it correctly. Have a look at the checklist given below to ensure you’re doing auditing correctly.

  • Provide meta titles and descriptions on all the pages
  • Optimize every page with SEO keywords
  • Ensure correct format of every web page and blog
  • Make proper use of links in all content
  • Check for duplicate content and broken links
  • Optimize the URLs for search engine
  • Advanced internal linking using anchor text
  • Analyze user experience and create easy navigation

So, when checking the health of your website, make sure you keep all these points in mind and make the necessary improvements. Once you complete auditing, next, find out what your users actually want.

2. Know and Understand the Needs of Your Consumers

The key to obtaining tremendous web traffic lies in knowing what your target audience wants. Once it’s a lightbulb moment for you, you can easily attract more potential customers by providing creative and valuable content. But how would you know what your prospect user wants? Well, you can get feedback from your loyal customers by the following ways:

  • Leverage social media platforms to directly connect with your consumers.
  • Use Google Analytics to get an idea of the most visited web pages.
  • Track your popular posts with maximum reads, views or shares.
  • Respond to your visitor’s feedback, suggestions or comments on the blog posts.

These 4 tactics can help you know your users’ interests or needs. Therefore, make sure you do it rightly.

3. Make Your Website Fast, Attractive and Mobile-responsive

Your website will incur maximum bounce rates if it does not load within 3 seconds. People do not have the patience to wait for your website to load. If your website is slow, your potential customers will abandon your website and look for alternatives with fast loading speed.

Therefore, it is important to optimize your web content, images and videos to ensure that your website loads within 3-5 seconds.

Moreover, in today’s digital space where everything gets done with a few clicks, having a mobile responsive website can flood your website with huge traffic. With an easy accessibility to the internet and smartphones, mobile traffic has a lion’s share in the website traffic generation. Therefore, make sure your website fits every screen perfectly.
Always remember your first impression is your last impression, therefore, make sure your website is appealing with captivating designs, user experience and is easy to navigate.

4. Content Optimization for the Latest Google’s RankBrain

With its inception in 1998, Google is constantly updating its search engine algorithms to provide quality content in the search results at all times. With every new Google update, the online ranking of existing websites is affected significantly. So, if you want to secure your top position in the search engine results of Google, make sure you do not miss out on adopting the latest Google algorithm, RankBrain in your SEO strategies. This algorithm first reviews your content and its relevance to the search queries. Since RankBrain is an AI-enabled algorithm, it lacks the ability to analyze a single with two different meanings. For example, Apple Phone and Apple fruit. Therefore, make sure you perform extensive keyword analysis and choose your target keywords carefully so that it is easy for Google spider to understand easily what you’re trying to convey to your readers and rank your website higher if it answers to their queries perfectly.

5. Regular Blogging and Updating Old Content
Blogging is the most effective way to generate organic website traffic. If you’re writing content over a long period of time, you will collect too much content in your archives. It’s better to update your old content and improve your ranking. Also, you can make a list of popular blog posts and update them one by one. This will give your consumers the idea that your website is up-to-date and will trust your website. This way you can increase your traffic and establish the credibility of your website.
Make sure you optimize your blog post and its URL with the targeted keywords and share it with your readers everywhere.

6. Do Not Forget to Share Your Content on Social Media
With the majority of people spending most of their time on social apps, social media has become the primary source of organic traffic generation. So, the next time you publish a blog on your website, make sure that you share it with your fans on social media. If your readers find your content useful, they’re likely to share it with their friends and family. This way you can have access to a wider audience to promote your website and drive more traffic to your website.

Also, posting your content on Quora, SlideShare, Blogger or other online platforms will give you the opportunity to boost your search traffic.

7. Advanced Link Building Strategy is the Key
Link building, if done correctly, can work wonders for your website. It is a technique of obtaining high-quality and relevant inbound links from websites with high Domain Authority. An effective link building strategy will help you pass the link juice from high authority websites to your web content with a low ranking. Using this technique will also help you to gain the trust of Google and it will eventually rank your website higher in its search results. So, start preparing a list of high-authority websites, approach them and obtain high-quality links to your website. This is how you can double your organic search traffic to your website.

8. Attract More People with Visual Content
Visual content on your website has more chances of generating huge traffic to your website. When given an option to choose between a 3000-word content or video, your reader is likely to watch the video rather than reading the long textual content. By content, we don’t mean by text only; it includes everything that provides information to your users. The different types of content include

  • Infographics – A well-explained infographic can increase web traffic by 12%.
  • Videos – According to Cisco, by 2022, video content will have a major contribution to the web traffic with 82% of all consumer internet traffic.
  • Presentations – 68% of people believe that it is easy to remember narrative and interactive presentations.
  • Banners Ads– According to research by Visually, display advertising has proven to increase web traffic by 300%.
  • Podcasts – With the increasing awareness, better quality and ever-growing choice of listening to podcasts, by 2022 61% of people, which means 173 million internet users are expected to listen to active podcasts.

Therefore, make sure to encompass all the aspects of content creation and marketing strategies to boost your website traffic in 2020.

9. Create a Fully-optimized Landing Page
Landing pages are critical for generating quality leads and increasing chances of conversion. So, if you’re planning to capture leads through a landing page, it is important that you build a landing page with captivating designs and optimize it for search engines. For creating an effective landing page, make sure you include the following key elements to maximize your web traffic.

  • Eye-catchy content that is useful for your prospect consumers
  • Avoid navigation
  • Insert a clearly-visible Call-To-Action button
  • Write a convincing call to action line
  • Use article-related images not exceeding 660 pixels. The recommended image format should be “*.JPEG”, “*.JPG”, “*.PNG” or “*.GIF”. Avoid animated images.

If you start focusing on building a well-designed and properly optimized landing page, you can boost your website traffic significantly and earn more than your expectations.

Wrapping Up
The above-mentioned SEO techniques will definitely prove to be useful for your website if implemented correctly. Always remember your prospect consumers are your priority, so for every SEO strategy that you employ, make sure it fulfills the expectations of your target audience. Focusing on providing valuable content, website optimization and the right implementation of SEO techniques will help you reap long-term benefits.

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