80 Services That You Can Do As A Virtual Assistant

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Virtual assistant is one of the surest way of making money online. If you are in between jobs, why not try to become a virtual assistant.

With more companies hiring virtual assistant because of the vital role they provide in the day to day running of their business.

To effectively work as a virtual assistant, you need to improve your skill and acquire new skills. In this article, I would list out 80 services that you can do as a virtual assistant.
You can choose to offer any of this service for a price and at the end of the month, you are guaranteed of making money online working from home.

What is a virtual assistant?
A virtual assistant is somebody who offer his services for business, Company, and individual for an agreeable price. Working as a virtual assistant is often misunderstood for personal assistant but the service offer by virtual assistant exceed that of general administrative work.

How much can you make as a virtual assistant?
The amount of money you make as a virtual assistant depends on two key factors namely:

  • Location plays an important factor in determining the amount of money you make. A virtual assistant in America makes more money compare to virtual assistant in third world countries. A lot of people believe that virtual assistance is a way of cutting down expenses and outsourcing to worker in third world countries.
  • Skill level of the virtual assistant is another factor that determine how much you make. Virtual assistant with 5 years experience have more clients which gives them more revenue per month.

80 Services That You Can Do As A Virtual Assistant

  • Blogging and SEO Virtual Assistant Services

1. Content research
2. Content creation
3. Transcription of video and audio files
4. Creation of eBook for email list.
5. Document template creation
6. Blog publishing management
7. Moderating blog comments
8. General Online Research
9. Proofreading and editing of content
10. Moderating of Forum post
11. Preparing of blog monthly revenue and expenses report
12. Website design and redesigning
13. Social Media Handler
14. Creation of Facebook page and Facebook group
15. Optimisation of Facebook page
16. Online Survey and form creation
17. WordPress Management
18. Building of backlink
19. On Page, Off page, and technical seo
20. Online research for course and development
21. Lead generation and Blogger Outreach Campaign
22. Google Adwords optimisation
23. Creation of images for blog post
24. Creation of video for blog post
25. Creating Instagram Account
26. Management of Instagram account
27. Sending client invoices
28. Keyword Research for blog post
29. Calendar management and travel arrangements
30. Competitor analysis for keyword and backlinks
31. Creating sales pages
32. Researching guest blog opportunities
33. Paid advertising
34. Funnel design and implementation
35. Blogger networking
36. Tailwind tribes posting
37. Pinterest keyword research
38. Creating a Pinterest board and joining group board
39. Management of Pinterest account
40. Creating a Twitter Account
41. Managing and Increasing Your Twitter Following
42. Schedule Tweets and Track Mentions and Hashtags
43. Create and Manage LinkedIn Account / Profile
44. Creating Pinnable Images for Pinterest
45. Scheduling and Tracking Pins using Tailwind
46. Create and Manage YouTube Account
47. Upload Videos on YouTube
48. Moderating YouTube Comments
49. Uploading Videos to other Video Sharing Sites / Social Media

  • General Virtual Assistant Services

50. Scheduling appointments
51. Specify time for mail checking
52. Confirm appointments through business e-mails
53. E-mail reminders
54. Arrange meetings with clients
55. Organise business trips
56. Chart plans to participate in expos & fairs
57. Plan discussions with employees

  • Graphics Design Virtual Assistant Services

58. Image content creation for social media
59. Logos for business
60. Branding of business
61. Designing of promotional material
62. Photo editing
63. Designing of teaching materials
64. Designing slideshows/webinar content
65. Designing of eBooks and PDFs
67. Designing of media kit

  • E-commerce Virtual Assistant Services

68. Website design
69. Website management
70. Shopping cart installation
71. Creating listings on eBay and Amazon
72. Managing listings
73. Promoting sales on social media
74. Editing promotional material
75. Writing SEO-friendly product descriptions
76. Managing store inventory
77. Order processing and refunds
78. Customer support
79. Handling returns and exchanges
80. Email processing

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