8 Pinterest Repin Strategy To Increase Blog Traffic

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If you want to increase the repin rate of your pin, you need to understand the pinterest repin strategy.

In this post, we are going to look at 8 pinterest repin strategy that you need to implement in order to increase your pin repin and click through rate.

New and old blogger are using pinterest as their main source of traffic every day. Pinterest is capable of sending thousands of visitor to your blog post or sales page, if you implement the pinterest repin strategy.

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Why Should You Repin On Pinterest

  • When you repin other pin to your board, you are bring valuable content to your followers.
  • Owner of pin you repin is more likely to view your profile, repin your pin to their follower, and click through your pin.
  • You are building valuable relationship with other Pinner which can help you to join new group board.

8 Pinterest Repin Strategy To Increase Blog Traffic

  • Use Pinterest Business Account

There are lot of data available for blogger who are using pinterest business account instead of personal account.
Pinterest business account gives you data to improve your pin impression and engagement rate. You can find your best performing pin and board.

  • Install Wp Tasty Pins

Wp tasty pins plugin was created by the founder of Pinch of Yum. The plugin was developed as a result of unavailability of plugin capable of hiding pinnable image and being able to add pin description to image upload on site.
The plugin help blogger to select the best image for pinterest from their blog and edit their pin description to increase their pin exposure.

  • Create Your Personal Board

Pinterest gives you opportunity to create your own board where you save the pin. You can create different Pinterest board related to your niche and carefully add keywords in your board description to increase your board impression.

  • Join Group Board

To increase your pinterest repin rate, you need to join so many group board. Group board with high follower and engagement rate can drive traffic to your blog. You can use pinterest analytics to find your best performing group board.

  • Add keyword to your pin description

If you want pinterest to know what your pin is all about, you need to add keywords in your pin descriptions. If done correctly, your pin would appear in pinterest search feed and can lead to increase in pin impression and engagement rate.

  • Add Hashtags to your pin description

People can use hashtags to find your pin. If you don’t add hashtags to your pin description, you will be limiting your pin impression.
Add 5 – 6 hashtags related to pin topic in your pin descriptions. You can find pinterest hash tags by adding two to three keywords.
Pin Daily.

  • Repin other people stuff

Being active on pinterest by repin other pin you like can increase your pin repin rate.

Go through other blogger pin and add their pin to your board. You can also find pin through the pinterest search feed or using hashtags.

Pinterest repin strategy is the best way for people to use if they want to drive traffic to their blog. One of your follower can repin your pin and bring hundred of click.

12 thoughts on “8 Pinterest Repin Strategy To Increase Blog Traffic”

  1. Brilliant, I`m struggling with Pinterest, I keep reading how it`s the must-have social media for bloggers, but my traffic seem to stand still, will follow your tips and see if things can improve.

    • I have tried to add # but everything I put doesn’t show up. If you put for example #piano, isn’t it suppose to automatically show up? Also should you Repin your own pins but make different images?

  2. Pinterest was difficult for me because I only saw it as a search engine. When I changed that mindset and started doing what you’ve mentioned, I saw great gains.

  3. Thank you for sharing these Pinterest tips. I’ve been wanting to grow my Pinterest account more this year to increase blog traffic. 🙂


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