8 Local Online Marketing Tips For Local Business Owner

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Local online marketing is crucial to the success of your local business, you don't have to waste money targeting people who are far away from your location

Local online marketing is crucial to the success of your local business, you don’t have to waste money targeting people who are far away from your location that won’t buy your products, but you would target local people living very close to your business address who can actually buy your products.

Google has come up with a solution for local business owner by giving them the opportunity to target their preferred location.
Local online marketing when done correctly by professional digital marketing agency would increase your brand exposure, engagement rate and business revenue. This is why you need to outsource your local online marketing campaign to professional.

In this article, we are going to look at 8 local online marketing tips for local business owner. Reading this guide who won’t turn you to a professional digital marketers but you get the idea of what your local online marketing will look like.

8 Local Online Marketing Tips For Local Business Owner
Since you are not considering the traditional form of advertisement using radio, tv, banner and so on, you need to understand the latest digital marketing tips for you to come up with new ways to reach more people.

  • Use Geo Based Domain Name

One of the most important decision you need to take is what type of domain name do you want?
Business owner can come up with different domain name that they can use for their business but not every domain is good for your business.

Geo – based domain is important for your local online marketing campaign. Your web address that contain local address who help people to know where you are located before clicking on your link and getting to your website.
Example of geo – based domain for local business owner include lagossaloon, Melbournetaxi and so on.
When user search for related keywords on Google, they are able to find out where your website is located because of the location based domain. Though it take time before ranking in serp, this is why you need to perform keyword analysis and research.

You can also use geo based TLD instead of the common TLD like .com, .org, .net, and .biz

  • Research about your domain

There are good domain and bad domain. A good domain is what you should go for as a business owner or blogger.
Blacklisted domain can wreck your business because after spending money buying your domain, host, theme and design your website you discover that Google is not indexing your website and post.

To avoid this problem, you need to carry out comprehensive research about the domain.

  • Create eye – catching website

Your website is the center of your local online marketing campaign, this is why you need to invest your money to design high quality website that is up to date with Google guidelines.

One major factor that people neglect in digital marketing is website design. A poorly design website would lose more customer who visit the site compare to eye-catching website.
An eye catching website design should have:

  1. Fast load speed of less than 3 seconds to avoid having high bounce rate and poorly converting marketing campaign.
  2. Mobile friendly for user visiting with smartphone. Google favour site that is mobile friendly with increase in ranking position.
  3. SSL certificate should be installed so that the site is secure. Internet user have been advise to purchase from website with SSL certificate to avoid hackers getting their email address and credit card.
  4. Clear way of navigating to other area of the website.
  5. Visual element to make your website eye catching should be added when designing the website.

Getting visitor from Google search engine can both be easy for professional seo and difficult for newbies. To get traffic from Google, you need to invest in a keyword research tool.

This tool gives you the opportunity to find thousands of long hanging keywords that you can easily rank for and avoid highly competitive keywords.

Keyword research for local online marketing help you to find local based keyword like best restaurant in olmo, which is what local business should be targeting because Google would match your local business website with this keyword if you are targeting it.

Keyword research tool that you can use for your keyword analysis and keyword research include Kwfinder, Moz, Keysearch, Semrush and so on.

  • Build Backlinks

Backlinks are link juice pass from one website to another. While it takes time for Google to index your website, you can start by building high quality do follow backlinks to increase your domain authority and improve your chance of ranking for keywords in serp.

  • Use Pay Per Click Advertisement

Pay per click advertisement means that you only pay when people click on your website link. This is a way for you to get targeted audience to visit your website and show them what your business is all about.

Pay per click advertisement can help you to find more people around your location who have interest in what you are selling.
You can reach out to marketing agency to set up your local online marketing campaign using pay per click advertisement.

  • Add your website to local online directory

Local online directory has a list of business in a particular location that you can also submit your website to this directory and expose your websites to thousand of people who visit this site.

Another advantage is that you get a local based backlink from this directory and improve your seo.
Make sure that you carry out deep analysis on any directory because most online directory are just selling links.

  • Social media marketing

An average internet user spend more time on social media sites more than any other websites. There are so many social media sites that you join in order to increase your website exposure and traffic.

You can also spend money on advertisements on this sites, with properly strategy your campaign would definitely improve your local online marketing reach.

You can also implement pinterest strategies to increase your pin engagement rate. Pinterest is the number 1 source of traffic for bloggers and you too can also get traffic from pinterest. Pinterest also allow you to run paid ads to reach people in any particular location.

Local online marketing when done correctly would help your business to reach more people.

Local online marketing is crucial to the success of your local business, you don't have to waste money targeting people who are far away from your location

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