8 Benefits of having a Smartwatch

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Benefits of having watch strap

Smartwatch combines smart features with regular watch and comes in different shapes and colours. The hidden features in smartwatch makes it a must-have for everybody. In this article, we are going to look at the benefits of having a smartwatch.

8 Benefits of having a smartwatch

Smartwatch comes with different features that we are going to highlight in this article. The design is modern and trendy with a responsive screen and an easily replaceable watch strap that allows you to choose any watch straps of your choice.

1. Mini Google Map On Your Wrist

Do you want to have a mini Google Map on your wrist that notifies you to turn left or right depending on your direction? Then you need to consider having a smartwatch.

With Apple Watch, you get timely updates in form of small vibrations and notification telling you the direction to take on a journey. You don’t have to constantly look at your phone and car dashboard for directions.

2. Find Your Phone With Ease

Do you constantly lose your phone or device without having any idea where you left your device? Then you need to buy a smartwatch and use it to find phone features to find your phone, key, and devices with ease within a minute.

You can connect your phone and device with smartwatch and use your smartwatch find phone features to notify your phone.

3. Fitness tracker

Track your fitness goal with inbuilt fitness tracker features available in smartwatch. You will be able to get important metrics like count steps, distance, calories, heart rate, and pulse rate on your smartwatch

4. Receive calls and reply to your message on the go

Instead of bringing out your phone to receive a call or reply your message, you can use smartwatch features which allows you to receive a call and reply your message on your watch anywhere you are. This is useful if you are in a meeting or in a scenario where you don’t want to bring out your phone.

5. Social media notifications

Another cool feature in smartwatch is the social media notification, you don’t have to bring out your phone and log in to your social media accounts before you are notified of what is happening. While some smartwatch only notifies you, other might allow you to reply to your message directly from your smartwatch.

6. Entertainment hub on the go

Before the era of smartphones, the entertainment hub of people is through tv and laptop, but with the rise of smartphones, you can connect to your entertainment hub on your phone, watch YouTube videos on the go and play music.

With smartwatch you don’t need to bring your phone out before listening to music or watching a video. Though the screen size of smartwatch is too small and it will affect the video quality.

7. Modern, Stylish and trendy design

Smartwatches are design stylishly and fashionably that you can wear to work, at school, on a dinner date, or while meeting an important client. It will also blend well with your outfit of the day (OOTD), whether casual or formal.

8. Longer battery life than your phone

With so many amazing features on smartwatch, one underrated feature is the long-lasting battery life. You can get up to 30 days on a single charge. When compared to other smartphone especially the iPhone series where you get a short battery life on a single charge, you don’t have to move around with your smartwatch charger.

Remember that every smartwatch offers different battery life but be rest assured that after a single charge, you will be enjoying your smartwatch for days or weeks.

Do you have any other benefits of having smartwatch, please let us know in the comments section below!

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