7 Important Skill for SEO Expert in 2019

7 important skill for SEO expert in 2019

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7 important skill for SEO expert in 2019Search engine optimization expert is in demand at the moment, this is due to the frequent change in Google algorithm which leads to Google penalty of some website which Google finds goes contrary to their guideline.

If you are thinking of starting a career in SEO, there are important skills that you must have, this skill step you apart from quack and amateur SEO specialist who is interested in quick cash. In order to become a professional search engine specialist in 2019, you need to understand Google trend when it comes to link building and understand what SEO is all about, this step you apart and you can become a professional SEO specialist.

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Most SEO experts start from the career when they start their blog, when they want to rank higher in SERP for organic traffic, they found themselves reading about different link building tactics. When their blog domain authority and page authority increases their blog organic traffic increase.

The sudden increases in organic traffic increase their interest in SEO. This make to read more about SEO and understand SEO trend. If you want to hire an SEO expert, make sure that they show their portfolio where you can verify their work.

To know more about the skill that every SEO expert possess, I would show you 7 important skill for SEO expert in 2019. You can work on achieving this skill to improve your level in SEO.

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7 important skill for SEO expert in 2019

  • Understand what SEO is about

To become an expert in SEO, you need to understand 3 part of SEO namely technical SEO, On-page SEO, and Off-page SEO. When you understand what SEO is all about, link building would be easier for you and your blog or website organic traffic would increase. You can join forum and Facebook group related to SEO and participate in general discussion. You can ask a question about topics related to SEO you don’t know and the answer you get from their member who helps you in your SEO journey.

  • Understand SEO market

If you are seriously considering becoming an expert in SEO, you need to understand SEO market. Google change his algorithm which affects SEO market and follows Google trend.

  • Understand HTML

Basic knowledge of HTML would go a long way in improving your skill set, you will not have any problem in any SEO project you embark on. Anchor text, hyperlink, building of link involve having knowledge in HTML.

  • Excellent Communication Skill

Communication with other SEO expert and blogger is important if you want to build your career in SEO. You would reach out to the owner of the blog and website about link building opportunity and your communication skill can determine if they would accept your link or not.

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  • Negotiation Skill

Since you are not offering free service, you need to have good negotiation skill with your client. Some clients are difficult to negotiate with because they want quality work for cheap price, it is better to avoid this type of client and focus your work on finding client that who pay for your work.

  • Understand Google Trend

SEO is not static; it changes with every passing day. To get ahead of crowd by keeping you abreast of the latest development in SEO. Researching about new link building opportunity and understand SEO link building that is contrary to Google guideline.

  • Years of experience

As you get older you will notice that your knowledge of SEO improves. When you become an expert you can set up your SEO agency where you help your client in SEO problem. Depending on your location and experience, your SEO agency can quickly turn to a money making business.


SEO keeps changing every day, you need to understand SEO trend and continue practicing to become a successful SEO expert.




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