7 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes

7 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes
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7 Biggest Digital Marketing MistakesThe success of every digital marketer lies in understanding of the platform that you want to use. Lack of understanding of this platform can lead to unsuccessful marketing campaign and hinder the growth of your business. In this article, I would show you 7 biggest digital marketing mistakes and the step you can take to avoid this problem.

Digital marketing is wide and it involves understanding the latest trend when starting a new campaign and the platform like Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter e.t.c for better targeting of your audience to increase your customer’s exposure.

Unlike old traditional marketing, digital marketers are expected to have a wide range of skill to improve their service. The skill expected of digital marketer includes:

Graphics design – while some digital marketer outsources the design to another freelancer, it is always better to learn graphics design. Some campaign involves the use of a well design image to capture your audience and increase the click-through rate.

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Writing – Well written content for your campaign with call to action can lead to an increase in the click-through rate of your campaign and increase exposure. Digital marketer is expected to be able to write content that is free from error, misspelling, and punctuation.

Social Media Manager – Social media is filled with millions of followers that you can use to increase your brand exposure.  Social media manager plan the social media post of business and can increase the exposure when your post is highly engaging. Digital marketers are encouraged to learn how to be a social media manager.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist – Search engine optimization specialist works by finding keywords that you can rank for easily and maintain the ranking position by building high-quality backlink.

7 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes

It is always better for digital marketer to understand the mistakes that they are likely to face and avoid the problem.

  1. Not understanding your customer

Customer determines what happen to your marketing campaign, some customer would prefer your choice while others have there are own preference and choice.

This can determine the success of your business because bad review about your service can reduce the chance of landing a new customer. You must make sure that you understand your customer choice and try to please them by following their guide when setting up your marketing campaign.

  1. Small Budget

Digital marketing involves spending a huge sum of money for your marketing campaign to get the desired result. Many digital marketers try to reduce the budget of their campaign and as a result, find it hard to meet their target for their customer.

  1. Focusing on one platform

There are so many platforms that you can use for your marketing campaign, while you can focus on one platform to achieve your desired target this is always better for you to spread your marketing campaign using a different platform.

Have a clear plan for your marketing campaign before starting your campaign will increase your customer brand exposure.

  1. Not targeting mobile audience

With the rise in the number of people using smartphone and voice search on their smartphone, you must focus your marketing campaign on mobile audience.

Mobile audience exceeds the number of people using a computer and you must make sure that your customer website is mobile friendly to receive mobile traffic to your website.

When you install a mobile-friendly theme on your website, your ranking position for keywords for voice search would increase as well.

  1. Taking too much customer at a time

The rise of your digital marketing business would increase in the number of new customers. This sudden increase in customer can lead to the demise of your business because you won’t have time to focus on your new customer marketing campaign. You can enroll in an affordable digital marketing degree Michigan Shaun to become a professional digital marketer.

  1. SEO

SEO is crucial to the success of any online marketing campaign. Digital marketer is expected to be able to properly search engine optimized their customer post and page. This makes it easier for Google bot to crawl and index the post and pages for keywords and when they appear in the search engine, you can build backlink to increase the ranking position of the post in the SERP.

Digital marketer is expected to understand the latest Google guideline regarding SEO and Google penalty. This helps them to build high-quality backlink.

  1. Keyword Research

Content is crucial to the success of every digital marketing campaign. High-quality content filled with fact and targeted keyword would rank higher in SERP.

Before writing an article or post, the very first stage is keyword research which helps to eliminate keyword with high completion.

Most digital marketers don’t carry out comprehensive keyword research before writing and this can hamper the success of your marketing campaign.

The goal of every digital marketer is to increase the customer’s business exposure and revenue. When you avoid 7 biggest digital marketing mistakes you would discover that your next campaign would be easier and highly engaging.

There are several online and affordable digital marketing degree Michigan Shaun to increase your experience in digital marketing.


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  1. Wow great tips! I recently took on a project and have ZERO marketing experience. Here’s to hoping it’s a success!

  2. Very much agreed regarding the budget thing. Paid social advertising is super expensive if you wanna test accurately!


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