7 Advantages of hiring an SEO Expert for your small business

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We are in the world where the only pathway to success of any business is SEO. It doesn’t matter whether your are small business owner or large firm. Without search engine optimization, your company website won’t be found on any search engine like Google, Bing, Ask and so on.

There are so many hidden advantages that you can get from SEO. The most important advantage is that you get quality people that are interested in your business to visit your website from search engine, which can lead to increase in revenue.

This is why this article is going to focus on 7 Advantages of hiring an SEO Expert for your small business.

There are so many people calling themselve SEO EXPERT online, majority are only interested in your money and won’t give you the desire result and can also cause major damage to your website when they employing black hat seo practices which Google hates.

What separate professional seo expert from quack is that professional seo expert use latest Google approved guidelines to optimize your website properly. This allow you to be free from Google penalization.

An SEO expert should be able to:

  1. Use SEO tools like Moz, Semrush and so on to perform website SEO audit.
  2. Finding the right keywords with low competition to target.
  3. Carry out competitive SEO analysis.
  4. Planning and carry out client’s SEO campaign.
  5. SEO content writing of website articles.
  6. Website optimization for mobile user.
  7. Building backlinks to websites.
  8. Optimizing website for local search using Local SEO strategies.
  9. Keeping up with Google SEO updates and algorithms

The cost of hiring a professional SEO expert is higher compare to quack seo services provider because a professional seo expert will manually review your websites and follow latest Google guidelines instead of employing outdated methods which is harmful to your website.

If you are interested in hiring an seo expert for your websites, don’t even use the services of seo expert on forum because they are often cheaper around $5 – $10 to build spammy backlinks for your websites.

Seo expert would carefully analyse your websites and manually reach out to blogger offering high quality guest post in exchange for backlink which help to improve your seo score.

7 Advantages of hiring an SEO Expert for your small business

  • Follow Google guideline when it come to backlinks

Backlinks help blog post to rank higher because website A when linking to website B passes link juice which in the eyes of Google means trust and credibility.

Due to the increase in demand of do follow backlinks, what most quack seo does is to build lower quality backlinks from poor websites, unrelated websites, private blog network.

The website owner will see the result of their seo campaign but the website won’t rank at all and might lead to increase in spam score.

Building backlinks takes time and effort and you can trust seo expert to help you build backlinks the right way.

  • Create high quality content for your website

High quality content plus right seo leads to increase in your website organic visitor. The work of an seo involve providing their client with high quality content that Google and your reader would love.

You can also create high quality content by yourself, all you have to do is carry out keyword research before embarking on this journey.

  • Perform keyword research

Keyword research involve carry out deep and thorough keyword analysis to find low competitive keyword that you can rank for easily.

There are lot of keyword with high difficulty that most newbie always want to rank for because they are one or two word keyword with thousands of monthly search but highly competitive. This is why you need to carry out keyword research to avoid super hard keyword and stick with low competition keyword.

An seo expert will help you to identify low hanging keywords for your website using premium keyword analysis tool like keysearch.

  • Optimize your website for mobile user

Mobile user is on the rise and you don’t want to mix out by not optimizing your website for mobile user.

Google favours site that are mobile friendly by increasing their ranking position and you too can benefits from this too.

An seo expert would carefully design your web for different user using smartphone, tablet, or computer to access your websites.

  • Improve user experience

Website with great design will improve user experience which is crucial to the survival of your site.

Website with load time of more than 3 seconds have high bounce rate and your visitor will quickly leave your site sending signal to Google that your website is not good enough which will further reduce your ranking pages.

An seo expert will work on your website design, reduce load time, and improve user experience.

  • Carry out site audit

Website owner should regularly carry seo audit on their website to keep their blog up to date with latest guideline.

An seo expert will check for broken links, wrong title and description, spammy link and so on.

Carrying out seo audit regularly will help your website pages to outrank other websites on Google.

  • Long term SEO planning

Search engine optimization is a long term investment which involve planning and sticking with your plan.

Seo expert help small business owner to plan their long term seo budget.

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