6 Ways To Make Money On Pinterest

how to make money on pinterest

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Pinterest since inception in 2010 has experience a tremendous leap in membership with more than 250 million user. Pinterest is one of the most trusted and highly engaging social media platform that bloggers and entrepreneurs use in generating traffic and revenue.

There are different strategy that you can use to increase your Pinterest followers and views. Once your Pinterest follower increases, you can turn your follower to a money making opportunity like Instagram.6 ways to make money on pinterest

Social media influencing is one of the most easiest way of making money. If you are interested in looking for a way to make money. You should try and become a social media influencer.

6 ways to make money on Pinterest

93% of Pinterest active pinner use Pinterest to make purchasing decision when looking to buy. The number is high when you consider that the average pinterest user make $50,000 a year.

1. Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog

Pinterest boast of high number of pinner that is highly engaging.
The pin you shared on pinterest live longer for more than 3 months compare to tweet that is live for few minutes and Facebook post which is live for few hours.

The average pin shared can be found in the search feed after months of pinning. This help to drive traffic to your blog.

Once your blog traffic increases, you can monetise by blog by:

  • Joining Google AdSense.
  • Promoting affiliate program by adding affiliate links in your post. Once your visitor purchase a product through your link, you get a commission.
  • Accepting sponsored post on your blog. Make sure that you follow Google guidelines concerning buying links by turning the link in your sponsored post to no follow.

2. Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant is another way of making money online, and with Pinterest you can become a professional virtual assistant helping small business owner.

Virtual assistant works as online secretary that help in scheduling of appointment, posting on social media, visa appointment and so many more. The best part is that you can live anywhere you want as long as you have your laptop and internet service.

Small business owner are now using Pinterest to market and showcase their products and services. The social media is highly engaging and user use Pinterest to know more about any particular products.

Pinterest user can seek out small business owner looking for virtual assistant and help their brand to stand out on Pinterest.

3. Selling physical products
Do you have any physical products that you want to sell and you don’t know how to go about it?

You’re in luck, with Pinterest you can market your products to millions of user all around the world. The best part is 25% of user reported buying a products after seeing the products pins.

To market your physical products is easy, all you have to do is:

  1. Sign up on Pinterest, make sure that you sign up for their business account which gives you opportunity to monitor your pin accurately and you can promote your pin for a price.
  2. Or you can convert you personal account to business account.
  3. Once you’re are done with the signing up, take the picture of the physical products and edit the picture to enhance the picture quality.
  4. Pin the picture of your products to your board and add the link where they can purchase your products.
  5. You can promote your pin to reach more Pinterest user.

4. Sell digital products
Many bloggers are making money by selling digital products like eBook, online course and so many more. By using Pinterest, you can leverage their user to promote and market your products.

Follow the step outline in selling physical products. You can create high quality pin using canva which is free or upgrade to their paid plan if you want access to their premium products.

5. Promote Affiliate Program
Affiliate program is another way that you can monetise your Pinterest. Pinterest allow it user to include affiliate link in their pin.

You make money when people follow your link to buy a product or service. The amount could range from 10% – 50% depending on the program you join.

Create high quality pin and include call to action (CTA) in your description to encourage Pinterest user to click on your pin to your affiliate sale page.

6. Become an influencer
Becoming an influencer on Pinterest is another way of making money. You are showing other brand pin to your audience for a price.

Build your Pinterest followers and increase your pin engagement ( Repin and click). After you have sizeable number of followers and more than 5% engagement, you can reach out for sponsored pin to your follower.

Pinterest has come a long way with more than 250 million user, you should be able to make money on Pinterest.

how to make money on pinterest


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