6 Ideas for Home-Based Office that Increase Productivity

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6 Ideas for Home-Based Office that Increase Productivity

A lot of people prefer home-based offices over onerous 9 am-5 pm office jobs. The hectic
routine of commuting and working late hours away from home was relieved by the
advancement in technology. Now people can make money and work from home. A big push
in this situation remains the infamous COVID-19 viral disease. The pandemic has led to
many people losing their jobs. However, home-based employees did not only keep their jobs
but are more in demand now due to their proficiency in IT skills. Innovative videocam
websites like Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, etc. help such employees to get a better hold of their
work and helps in reducing communication barriers.

However, as appealing as it sounds to employees, working from home can be quite harsh at times. Productivity decreases because of communication, logistic, and retention problems. In
such circumstances, employees, as well as the employers, need to maintain a healthy working environment. To keep your performance and productivity high, here are some tips to
follow for your home office:

1. Prepare a Schedule

Schedules and to-do lists make a huge difference when it comes to management and organization of work, especially if you are loaded with a lot of it. There are so many ways you can use to ease your life while remaining productive.

Keeping a journal is similar to keeping a record. Enlist all the work that is due and schedule it for different days of a week making sure not to overburden yourself. This will keep you on track and maintain the productivity high, keeping your stress levels in check. Formalizing
your work will create a systematic way of controlling and managing it, efficiently.

6 Ideas for Home-Based Office that Increase Productivity

To-Do List

To-do lists are another great way of keeping track of the work that is to be done. This is an efficient way of maintaining short-term duties. Make small to-do lists even if you have a lot of work; making more than one yet, shortlists are a more productive way. You can make a shortlist for the next two or three days, which will keep you from stressing about work as well
as optimize your performance.

● Sticky Notes
A super easy and quick for managing work is division. Divide your schedule into small parts and use sticky notes for small tasks. This will improve your efficiency, reduce the workload,
and improve your productivity up to a great extent.

6 Ideas for Home-Based Office that Increase Productivity

2. Pretend Like You Are In An Office

Working environments matter a lot, especially if you are working from home. If you are distracted by things during working hours, not only your performance will be forsaken, but
your time management and productivity will also decrease.

● Separate Working Space At Home
Having a calm disturbance-free working place is essential. If you work from home, make sure to set up your working essentials in a separate setting where other members of the
house do not come and go, often. If you are someone living in a dorm and have a roommate, you can simply set your working hours at the time of day when you have the room all to

6 Ideas for Home-Based Office that Increase Productivity

● Relaxing Environment
Work can get stressful. There come days, when you are loaded with work which can cause anxiety and work tension. To reduce the effect of excessive workloads, try to keep your
working space relaxing and calming. Set up your work in a minimalistic setting like a well-lit room with sufficient air and light supply. Keep a plant to have a refreshing vibe. Ensure a quiet and still setting, so you can focus better.

● Keep High Motivation
“Early to bed, early to rise”. It makes a vast deal of difference. Waking up early and having a daily dose of caffeine (coffee) can improve your daily performance. Dressing up can also put you in the mood for working. Psychology proves that setting up a workplace can optimize the
efficiency and effectiveness of one’s work.

3. Taking Breaks Is Important

Constant working can lead to health problems which will affect your work and life all in all.
Make sure to take a sufficient number of breaks while working to maintain your wellbeing and efficiency of work. Here are a few tips on how you can spend that break on improving your working efficiency and capacity:

6 Ideas for Home-Based Office that Increase Productivity

● Get A Healthy Snack
Just like a car requires fuel to run smoothly, the human body needs food to function. Healthy snacking can improve your health and hence make your performance better. Use nutritious food like nuts, seeds, and fruits, homemade granola, salads, guacamole, etc.; add ingredients like chicken or tuna to make it more filling. Use mild snacking instead of heavy meals as it optimizes digestion.

● Hydrate
Always keep a bottle of water (preferably of room temperature). It helps in concentrating on work by reducing stress and increasing hydration in your body. Your mood improves when you are hydrated, which leads to an optimal bodily condition for extended work hours.

● Go For a Walk or Exercise
Physical work out or exercising at home with workout equipment releases endorphins which makes you feel good, and therefore, you will be able to work better.

● Nap
Napping is an effective way of regaining your lost energy. Take a 15-minute power nap to relax so you can resume your work with a better mood.

4. Know Your Productive Hours

Empirical researches have shown that on average, a human can work up to 8 hours, efficiently and effectively. However, some people can work continuously for 8 hours at their
maximum capacity while some require a break. Find your productive hours and utilize them, wisely.
If you are one of those who work better at night, schedule your working hours at night and take a 15 min break, after every hour to optimize your performance. For an early bird who performs better during the day, set up your work accordingly.
Some people prefer working in intervals. They are usually the most productive as they divide the workload and keep their optimum at the surface for their finest performance.

5. A Not-So Home Office

A home office does not necessarily have to be at your home. A change of setting can help in alleviating stress and improve bodily functions leading to a better working routine.

● Coffee Shop
Coffee shops like Starbucks, Barista, and The Coffee House provide a great venue, especially for people with home-offices. They are entirely and well-lit providing you with
minimum distractions and a good internet connection.

6 Ideas for Home-Based Office that Increase Productivity

● Libraries
Libraries are nice and quiet places which are an ideal setting for working. You can easily maintain concentration and focus. If your job is research related, you can easily find relevant material in a library to help you out. Social conformity places an essential role in this setting as people in libraries are usually working with a complete focus which would influence you (psychologically) to work similarly.

● Public Lounges
Public lounges are unique places for people to interact with, each other. Similar to a club they offer a site for socializing and working in an open setting. Taking your work to a public
lounge will help you get out of your work cubicle and let you escape the monotony of life while performing your duties. Just make sure that the packaging of your supplies is adequate to withstand the moving-here-and-there maneuver.

● Parks and Gardens
Working in the open air can bump your working capacity up a notch. The fresh air can not only contribute to a refreshing working environment but also keep you stress-free with all the greenery around you with the sound of a busy life.

6. Personalizing the Setting

A personalized setting can change your whole mood. Work will start to seem like a ‘fun job’ which will make you a lot more productive than you used to be. A work environment that
reflects your personality would make a lot of (positive) differences in your working routine.

  • Add colors and textures that are soothing and calming to keep your stress levels low.You can add your favorite themes, including movies, TV shows, and games. It will work out correctly. The more comfortable the setting you make, the more you would be likely to work efficiently in it.
  • Feeling alienated in your home-office can affect your work. Include family portraits, photos of friends, yourself, or old memories of trips and tours.
  • Pets are known to make you feel better and let us be honest who does not want a fuzzy little doggo hug in the middle of work? You can add a small space for your pet by keeping its bed and food bowl near your table.
  • Keep things minimal. Overdoing can often make your setting overwhelming. Keeping the space simple will help you focus on your work better.
  • Display your collections or light a scented candle on the shelf to further improve the aesthetics of the space. This will help you feel more relaxed and conserve energy at work.

6 Ideas for Home-Based Office that Increase Productivity

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  1. This was great because while I’m trying to work on my blog, I have to be aware and remind myself of these things in order to get more done! It’s easy to slack when you don’t treat your home work space like an actual office space. Knowing my productive hours has really helped me get more things done!

  2. I like pretending I am in a “real office” at times while at home as well! 🙂 I highly recommend a sit/stand desk! GAME-CHANGER! Lol.


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