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Guest posting can be a way of increasing your domain authority and get new traffic for new blogger. It helps you to increase your audience and create a wider awareness of your businessGuest posting can be a way of increasing your domain authority and getting new traffic for new bloggers. It helps you to increase your audience and create a wider awareness of your business to a new audience. But that is not the only advantage of guest posting because there are sites that paid you to guest post.

In this article, I would show how 50 sites that accept guest post, have in mind that your article need to meet their standard.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting simply means publishing articles that is you write or outsource to other blogs to increase your blog’s domain authority, get traffic to your new blog and also showcase your portfolio.

Guest posting is mutually beneficial because both the parties gain, the writer increases its domain authority and traffic to his blog while the blog owner gets well-written content on his blog.

Due to the benefits of increasing domain authority, it is getting difficult for a writer to get accepted to guest posts while other blog owners charge a small amount of money before they can publish your article.

Sites that accept guest posts?

It is increasingly hard for you to guest post on another blog because blogger has turned the scheme into money-making venture on their blog.

If you are tired of paying money before you can guest post, then this article is for you. I would show you 50 sites that accept writers to guest post, these sites have different guidelines and some sites allow you to include your author bio and link back to your website.

How to find Sites that accept guest posts?

I have listed these sites according to their niche, but there are cases where some sites can accept articles in a different niche. Head to the website and send the owner an email where you pitch your idea, and topics, and if they would allow do-follow links.

What to include in your article

The main reason why writers guest post on other blogs is to showcase their portfolio, this helps the writer to find new brands and companies. Make sure that you include your blog URL in your author bio and your social media profile. This blog URL can be no-follow but the advantage of including your link is that companies can find you easily when they need a new writer.

Education/career blog that pays for Guest Post

1 elearn Magazine|DA 91|Topics: Review, Education|

2 Edutopia|DA 80|Topics: Education|

3 Edugorilla|DA 52|Topics: Education|

4 AppendTo|DA 46|Topics: Programming, Education|

5 Tutorful|DA 39|Topics: Education|

Finance Blogs

1 Inc Magazine |DA 91|Topics: Finance|

2 Bigger Pockets |DA 78|Topics: Finance|

3 Oil Price |DA 74|Topics: Finance|

4 Money Saving Mom |DA 73|Topics: Finance|

5 Money Crashers |DA 73|Topics: Finance|

6 Incomediary |DA 60|Topics: Making Money Online|

7 Modest Money |DA 54|Topics: Finance|

8 Beating Broke |DA 42|Topics: Finance|

9 The Finance Wand |DA 44|Topics: Finance|

10 Money Mini Blog |DA 38|Topics: Finance|

Digital Marketing/Social Media/Blogging Tips Blog

1 Mashable |DA 92|Topics: Social Media, Technology,   Business, Entertainment|

2 Hubspot |DA 91|Topics: Digital Marketing|

3 GetResponse |DA 81|Topics: Digital Marketing|

4 Social Media Today |DA 80|Topics: Social Media, Business, Digital Marketing |

5 Social Media Examiner |DA 80|Topics: Social Media|

6 Content Marketing Institute |DA 76|Topics: Content Marketing|

7 MarketingProfs |DA 74|Topics: Marketing|

8 Creative Bloq |DA 74|Topics: Blogging, Web design|

9 Benchmark |DA 72|Topics: Social Media, SEO, Digital Marketing|

10 OutBrain |DA 71|Topics: Blogging, Marketing|

11 B2Bmarketing |DA 70|Topics: Blogging, Marketing|

12 Daily Blog Tips |DA 70|Topics: Blogging, Marketing|

13 Thesitsgirls |DA 69|Topics: Blogging, Marketing|

14 Coschedule |DA 69|Topics: Blogging, Marketing|

15 Shout Me Loud |DA 68|Topics: Blogging, Marketing|

16 Pole Position Marketing |DA 66|Topics: Blogging, Digital Marketing, Marketing, SEO, Social Media|

17 Inc 42 |DA 63|Topics: Blogging, Marketing|

18 MailJet |DA 63|Topics: Blogging, Marketing|

19 The Blog Herald |DA 62|Topics: Blogging, Marketing|

20 Search Engine People |DA 61|Topics: Blogging, Marketing|

21 Making Different |DA 60|Topics: Blogging, Technology|

22 Post Planner |DA 58|Topics: Social Media|

23 SEO Hacker |DA 57|Topics: Blogging, SEO|

24 Blog Engage |DA 56|Topics: Blogging, SEO|

25 Famous Blogger |DA 50|Topics: Blogging, SEO|

Health Blog

1 Psychology Today |DA 92|Topics: Psychology|

2 My Health care India |DA 26|Topics: Health|

3 Teno Blog |DA 39|Topics: Health|

4 Betakecare |DA 35|Topics: Health|

5 One Fitness |DA 26|Topics: Fitness|

Travel and Tourism Blog

1 Hostel Bookers |DA 69|Topics: Travel|

2 Go Aboard |DA 65|Topics: Travel|

3 ThePlanetD |DA 63|Topics: Travel|

4 eDreams |DA 58|Topics: Travel|

5 Global Grasshopper |DA 52|Topics: Travel|

6. Keiraslife |Lifestyle|

Make sure that you visit a few sites and read their guidelines before pitching your guest post idea to them. Guest posting regularly would help to increase your blog traffic and eventually your blog revenue.

If you are thinking of increasing your domain authority, you need to guest post regularly. Share with us your opinion in the comment box below.




































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