5 strategies for business owner to try

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5 strategies for business owner to try

With more than half of the population using social media, new business owner are losing valuable customer if they are not on social media. According to hootsuite, 366 million user joined social media last year which saw a 9% increase compare to last year and an average user spend 2.5 hours daily on different social media platform.

Social media helps you to connect with your friends and family and now it is a powerful tools for blogger, business owner and brand to find quality traffic that converts to sales.

In this article, I would explore 5 strategies for business owner to try.

Big brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Google use social media to increase their brand exposure and reach out to billions of people about their new products or service. Hootsuite reported that 90% of brands use social media for their marketing campaign and you should be part of the trend.

In a report by globalwebindex 48% of consumer use social media to research about your business products and services before deciding to buy your products. If you are not social media, you could be loosing valuable customer that are interested in your product.

5 Strategies For Business Owner To Try

I hope by now, you understand the benefits that you would derive from having your business social media account. The next step is to carry out these strategies to increase your brand exposure and business revenue.

  • Create a business account

Social media platform gives it user ability to create two different account namely personal and business account. The account you create depend on your choice. Since you are a business owner it is better that you create a business account. If you want to use your old personal account, you can convert the personal account to business account.
Facebook allow user to create their business page instead of business account. The page act as your business account.
It is better for business owner to use business account instead of personal account because:

  • Business account gives you accurate data about your marketing campaign. The data will go a long way to find marketing campaign that is working, demographics, interest and so many more.
  • You can run a marketing campaign for your business to increase your brand exposure or revenue. The return on investment is high. If you don’t know how to run a campaign on social media you can outsource to professional digital marketer.
  • Include Your Business Details

Social media allow it’s user to add their business details. You can add your business website link, this increase your website traffic. You can include physical address, phone number and other details.

  • Create your personal approach

Business owner should endeavor to create a personal approach in dealing with their customers, finding new customers and increasing their brand exposure.
You can make use of info graphics, videos, photo, meme and so on to convey your message, business goal and acquire new customers.
You can create a mini series about a particular topic around your niche that you feel can help your followers.

  • Research Your Competitors

Your competitors are on social media, using this platform to find high quality to their website and eventually converting them to sales. If you are just starting out, finding the right social media platform is hard. But when you research about your competitors you will find the platform that works for them and the strategy they implement. When you are through with the research, copy and implement the strategies. You can also add your own idea with the strategies you copied.

  • Run a marketing campaign

This could be difficult if you don’t understand digital marketing and it involves spending money. Marketing campaign help you to reach out to millions of people depending on your budget. By fine tuning your campaign and targeting, your ad will be shown to people who are interested in your products and this can increase your conversion rate. If you target user who likes football, your ad will be shown to user who like football and this eliminate wasteful spending.
Reach out to professional digital marketer to carry out your campaign and your business exposure and revenue will increase.

  1. Business owner can join online business club to help them in their business. Online business club is filled with numerous online courses and you can ask question and surely one of the member will answer your questions. Join online business club today.

Business owner should implement this 5 strategies on social media to increase their brand exposure and revenue.

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  1. Smart strategies for business owners. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance, are you interested in doing collabs? xx

  2. Thanks for a valuable tips!
    I would like to go for a marketing campaign strategy for all my business account as it would definitely help in my sales.

  3. Researching competitors is definitely something I need to do instead of just mindlessly pumping out content, right? Very useful post, thank you 🙂


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