5 Signs Your Child is Unhappy at School

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5 Signs Your Child is Unhappy at School

There could be many signs your child is not enjoying school. There could be a lot going on in your child’s life, or there are things in school that can be impacting them. Here are 5 signs to look out for.

1. Your child’s grades are falling behind

A clear sign your child is struggling will be in the grades they get in their tests or even their real exams. Being unhappy in school means your child is going to be less likely to pay attention or even feel motivated to do their work.

2. Your child doesn’t want to talk about their day

You can tell that they’re not feeling very enthusiastic if they’re reluctant to even share what they’re doing with their days. If there are things that are looking like they’re too much for them then they may well shy away.

3. Your child shows no interest in new things
Schools all across the country, like this secondary school in Devon, have a range of extracurricular activities and sports, clubs and more to keep children engaged and entertained. If your child isn’t looking out for many different things to try out then it can be a sign they’re not enjoying themselves in school.

4. Your child’s behaviour has changed
Erratic behaviour, stress, and being generally emotional can really impact a child’s studies. It’s also a sign that your child isn’t enjoying how things are at the moment. It can change the way your child talks with you and their friends.

5. Your child’s friends begin to look worried
Your child’s friends are only going to tell the truth, and it’s important to listen to what they say if so. Show them that you’re listening to them and take action – or talk to your child’s teachers to see if they’ve noticed anything.

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