5 SEO tip for local search.

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5 SEO tip for local search

Local business owner are now part of the trend of having their business website. The benefit you derive from your business website is huge and if you don’t have a website of your business you are missing. But due to the increase in the number of business owner in any particular business niche, it is getting pretty difficult for your website to be notice, this is why you need to understand what seo is all about. In this guide I will list 5 seo tip for local search.

If you don’t have your business website, you can look for good web designer to design your website. You have to be very careful because there are so many quack claiming to be professional web designer.

Make sure that the web designer you choose show you their previous work and understand what you want in your website. You can look at your competitor website to look for inspiration.

Ranking high in local search will increase your website traffic and business revenue. You are sure that only people around your business location are checking out your website and you can covert them to customers.

5 SEO tip for local search
Local seo is good for business owner, when people search on query related to your business, it is so easy for you to outrank established website, this is because search engine believes that your website contains the needed information that the user is looking for. This help business owner to increase the revenue.

For example, a user search for photograph studio in a particular town. Google would show result of photographer studio in the town or studio that is closer to the town.

  • List your business website in local listing

Listing your website is local directory is important. Local directory serve as direction to your business location, gives high quality back link and review of your business is about.
Make sure that you list your website in high quality local directory to increase your website domain authority and eliminate the chance of Google penalization.

Before listing your website, head over to moz.com and check the directory domain authority, page authority and spam score. Directory with high spam score should be avoided at all cost because of the harm it will later cost your website.

  • Keyword Research

Keyword research is compulsory for all business owner. This gives you the idea of keyword that is easy to rank for instead of wasting your time and resources on keyword that is difficult to rank for.
Tools like Google AdWords, keyword planner, semrush,moz and ahrefs can be use to look for keyword. Some of this tool like Google AdWords is free to use while the rest you have to pay before using.

  • Social Media Profile

Social media is filled with billions of people and what if you can direct them to your website, imagine the profit you will make. Social media account is a must for every small business owner. Big brand like Coca-Cola,Pepsi, Nike and so many more use their social media account to announce new products to the customer.
Create a business social media account and show the world your business. You can also advertise on their platform for your business to find customer around your business address who are interested in your business.
Another reason why using social media is that Google use social media signal in ranking of website in their search console.

  • Build high quality backlink

High quality backlink help new website to rank higher. You can target website with domain authority of 30 and above with low spam score.
There are different tactics that you can used to build high quality backlink.

  1. Guest post
  2. Forum post
  3. Article submission
  4. Infographics
  • Positive Review

Review about any business can determine whether new customer will buy your product or not. Customer make use of review to determine whether they would buy from your store or not. This is why you need positive review of your old customer.
You can create a new page on your website and ask your customer to write their experience about your business or you can ask them to leave a positive review of your business on local directory.

If you follow this 5 seo tip for local search, your website ranking position will increase in SERP and your business revenue also.

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  1. Great tips! I love the idea of listing your business in the local directory. That’s something I haven’t considered yet. Thnx!

  2. Google My Business, is a great service from search engine giant that lets you list your local business to the Maps service and that is a great enabling for small and medium businesses.


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