5 Amazing Pay Per Click Travel Affiliate Programs

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5 Pay per click affiliate program for travel blogger

If you are a travel blogger and looking for the best pay per click travel affiliate programs to join, then you are in luck. I will list five pay per click travel affiliate programs that travel bloggers can join in order to monetise their blog.

Travel blog is one of the highest paying blogging niche in the market, and you can start today by creating your WordPress blog and monetising the blog with affiliate programs, advertisement, and sponsored post.

Once your blog traffic increases you are sure that any method of monetising will work for your blog. The best way of monetising travel blog is by promoting travel affiliate programs.

What is Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest way that blogger can use to generate revenue from their blog, you get paid when people buy companies products and service through your link. Travel blogger can use pay per click travel affiliate programs to monetise their blog.

What is pay per click travel affiliate programs

Pay per click travel affiliate programs pays its affiliate when user click on their affiliate link. The affiliate link is unique and you can customize the link to your taste. When visitor on your blog, click on the link you earn a small amount of money.

Pay per click travel affiliate programs is suited for travel bloggers with high monthly visit and you can turn affiliate marketing as your blog main source of income.

how to join pay per click affiliate program

If your blog is getting 1,000 visitor a day and your click through rate is 1% and the affiliate programs is paying $2 per click, you are guarantee of making up to $20 a day and you can increase the amount you are making per day when your blog traffic increase or you increase the click through rate of your affiliate link by placing the link more than once in your post.

5 Pay Per Click Travel Affiliate Programs

Travel affiliate programs is for bloggers who are running a travel blog or social media influencers. You can join other affiliate program that is suited to your blogging niche.


Travelpayouts affiliate program is one of the best way that travel blogger can monetize their website and make money every month through this program. The more you sell, the higher your income . On average you get 1 .6% for a flight booking and while 6% is for hotel booking.

Purchase details will be displayed in your dashboard using real time reporting as soon as the customer pays for the service.

The best part of travelpayouts affiliate program for travel bloggers is that they have different way of paying their affiliate including Paypal, SWIFT, Epayments, Webmoney and Yandex money.

One of the best affiliate program in the market, it pays it affiliate up to $4 when user follow your affiliate link and book a hotel on its platform. The number of hotel on their platform is regularly updated and accept new hotel on its platform.

Hotelscombined makes it possible for travel bloggers to sign up and promote their offers to their followers. You earn multiple times when your follower book a hotel following your link. This affiliate program is one of the surest paying program in the market. Once your blog traffic pick up, you can start promoting hotelscombined offers to your reader and you can make money with this program.

Walk Affiliate Program
Walk affiliate program is another high paying affiliate program for travel bloggers. You sign up on their website and when they accept your website, they would gives you affiliate link and images. The link and images when you place them on your blog would track the view, click and conversion rate. It pays 10% of every purchase and walk affiliate program pays its partner through PayPal. You can also speak to their team member to choose the perfect payment schedule.

Dohop Affiliate Program
Dohop was started in 2004 and you can use their platform to find cheapest hotels deals, rentals cars, and flight. The company accept affiliate partner anywhere in the world. All you have to do is sign up and become their partner and promote their link and image to your readers.

Cruise direct makes it easy for travel bloggers to sign up and promote their affiliate link to their readers. The affiliate program is hosted by commission junction and you get 3% per sale and you can also choose their pay per click model. It has 45 days cookie and the tracking software is up-to-date to give you accurate click and click through rate of your affiliate link.


If your blog visitor are mainly from Europe or you are writing travel article dedicated to Europe. You can sign up with eurail. Eurail encourages people living in Europe to travel to different european countries using railway.

5 high paying pay per click affiliate program

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