5 Emerging Trends in Data Analytics for 2020 from NetBaseQuid

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Gone are the days when data analytics was thought to be the luxury of enterprises with huge budgets that could accommodate data scientists and analysts. Today, it has become an integral part of almost all businesses, regardless of their size or industry.Gone are the days when data analytics was thought to be the luxury of enterprises with huge budgets that could accommodate data scientists and analysts. Today, it has become an integral part of almost all businesses, regardless of their size or industry. This transformation has been facilitated by market forces and various technological emerging trends, such as machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and influencer marketing. These trends are serving an expanded role in how companies serve their customers, optimize finances, optimize supply chains, hire people, and other critical organizational functions.

Emerging Business Trends
Several business trends are setting the foundation for success, designed to make your efforts more stable, faster, and efficient. Some of these trends that are elevating data managers and shaping the data analytics world include the following;

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are causing real transformations in the business realm. While they were popularly used in science fiction books, today, this amazing technology helps businesses interact and engage with customers efficiently. For instance, the chatbots have become popular methods companies use to customize services to their consumers, such as making product recommendations, hailing a ride, and ordering food.

2. Augmented Data Management
Augmented data management is one of the emerging trends that is quickly becoming popular and improving businesses’ ability to analyze data in real-time. There are various tasks featured by the data management process, including cost models, capacity, data recognition, utilization, and compliance and regulatory. According to experts, data management manual processes will reduce by 45 percent through automated service-level management and machine learning soon. Many data analytics companies like NetBaseQuid utilizes such trends to deliver useful insights that can help companies achieve their long-term goals.

3. Graph
Graph databases and graph data processing enable organizations to explore large data entities to help reveal relationships between data entities (people, transactions, and organizations) and logical concepts. Research indicates that graph analytics will grow at 100 percent annually by 2022 and continuously improve data preparation and adaptive and complex data science. Graph databases also enhance emergent semantic graphs, such as linking different types of data from diet apps with health news feeds and medical advice.

4. Continuous Intelligence
Continuous intelligence is the process of integrating real-time data analytics with business operations. The pattern helps process historical and current data to predict future actions. Like many other emerging trends, continuous intelligence enhances smarter decisions through advanced analytics and real-time data. It helps organizations become aware of their situation and understand the right action to take.

5. Influencer Marketing
Customer demands change more often, and this has transformed the face of marketing. Today, many people rely on information acquired from the internet to make decisions. For this reason, many organizations are turning to influencer marketing to help them reach many people. Influencer marketers usually command massive social following and can help spread awareness of a company’s products or services through word of mouth. Most of these influencers may include celebrities, niche experts, or famous specialists in a particular field. Ideally, influencers have built trust with their audience and are perceived as authentic, so customers are likely to believe them more than they can trust traditional mass media.

An alternative way to reach your marketing goals faster is by using trusted data analytics companies like NetBaseQuid, who understands how to integrate emerging trends with your business processes to enhance business goals.

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