4 Tips for Advertising Your Business on Instagram

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Instagram is a powerful visual sharing service that allows businesses to reach their target audience and convert users into traffic, subscribers, and ultimately sales. But learning how to do it right can take some trial and error. Simply posting a picture you captured on your smartphone without putting much thought into it won’t get you very far.

If you don’t have the time and effort to put into it, you might want to consider an Instagram marketing service to reach the right audiences, grow your online presence, and ultimately, your business.


If you are ready to tackle business on Instagram on your own, follow these tips for business on Instagram to help you achieve your goals.


Customize Content for Your Audience


You need to deliver content to your audience that they want to see, which starts with research. Get an Instagram analytics tool and analyze which of your previous organic posts have performed the most. You want to know which content got the most impressions, comments, and likes. Next, research competitors’ content to find out what they’re posting to get the highest engagement. Using the data from both your account and your competitors will help you create more engaging content.


Repost Compelling Content

Another vital business on Instagram tip is to look for high-quality content related to your business to repost.

Brainstorm brands with a similar audience and some of the most inspiring accounts but aren’t direct competitors. When you find a post that you want to share with your followers, comment on the photo or send a DM to the account host to let them know you love their content and think your users will enjoy it too, requesting permission to share it on your own feed. If you tell them you’ll give them proper credit, the majority of the time, they’ll be happy for you to do so, and it provides them with more exposure. They may be willing to give you a shout out too.


Incorporating Trending Topics


If you can take advantage of what people are already thinking and talking about, it can give you a big boost when it comes to social media. Using trending hashtags relevant to your audience is a great way to improve your chances of trending on Instagram. Scope out trending hashtags specific to your community by researching what your competitors and leaders in the industry are using. The narrower the scope, the more engaged your audience will be. For example, on Valentine’s Day, Ben & Jerry’s posted a romantic theme for the holiday and an online quiz asking, “Which flavor is your soulmate?”


Choose a Branded Theme and Stick With It


Branding is an important part of social media and all content creation. When users recognize your brand, they’ll feel more comfortable with it, helping you grow your business faster while coming off more professional than you would if you just throw out random posts.

Following these advertising tips for business on Instagram will increase your followers and post reach.

























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