4 Thing To Do Before Starting Content Marketing in 2019

4 thing to do before starting content marketing in 2019If you are just starting digital marketing, content marketing would be new to you because most bloggers don’t know what content marketing isall about. This is why I would let you know 4 things to do before starting your content marketing in 2019.

Content marketing is not limited to sharing your blog post to different platform likes social media site to drive traffic to your sites and increase your brand exposure. If you want to do content marketing in 2019, you have to know the trick that will help in creating a successful content marketing campaign.

  1. Domain name

Domain name is the URL of your blog or sites when your domain name is unique, your business brand exposure would increase.

Picking the right domain name for your business or startup can determine whether your business would fail or not. Lucky for you I would show some tips that would help you in finding the right domain name for your business.

  • The most popular domain extension in the market is .com domain extension. Most people assume that your business end with .com and with that if your sites end with other domain extension, your customer would find it difficult to find your website. The new trend is domain extension is the use of domain extension like .tv, studio and so on. The disadvantage of using this domain extension is that you would spend a huge amount of money on promoting your site.
  • Make sure that your domain name pass radio test. Radio test is the test to show if your customer can remember your sites after hearing it the first time.
  • The shorter the better, domain name that is too long to remember can be difficult for your customer to remember.
  1. Content Platform

There are so many different platforms that you can use for your business site or blog. This platform can be free to use or you have to pay some money before you can use this platform. Content platform like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Drupal and so on can be used to create your website.

If you want to stand out, I would suggest that you go for paid platform because your website would be live as long as you pay your web hosting and domain name.

  1. Website design

Website design is crucial to the success of your business when your website is well designed, the customer would interact with other pages and post regularly. You can change your website design with a free template or you can migrate to a paid theme.

If you are good in web design, you can design your website by yourself or you can outsource the website design to professional web designer make sure that you check their previous work and make sure that they understand what you want in your business website.

  • Install a free SSL certificate on your to secured your website data from a hacker. Google gives a website with SSL certificate high ranking position than a website without an SSL Most web hosting provides free SSL certificate that you can install on your website for free and move to a paid SSL certificate.
  • Reduce the load time of your site to less than 3 seconds.
  • Install mobile friendly theme to increasing your sites for mobile traffic in SERP.
  1. Build Relationship with your visitor

Blog with comment section encourages your reader to share their experience about the topic. This can be a good way of increasing your customer service delivery and your visitor would trust your website.

Once your content is unique, and your content can rank easily higher in SERP, make sure that the keywords you target have low competition. If you are just starting content marketing, there is a high chance that you would make a few mistakes in setting up your site but you learn along the way.

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