4 Online Services to Design Logos Easily

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4 Online Services to Design Logos Easily

A logo is a graphic image that can be represented as an icon, text, or icon + text.
The logo helps visitors to remember your website, because it leaves an imprint in the subconscious of people on the visited page. If you want your hundreds of thousands of sites to be distinguished by individuality and originality, so the logo is one of the elements that you should pay attention to.

To make a logo yourself, it is not necessary to be able to use professional graphic editors such as Photoshop. To do this, it is enough to clearly understand the goals of your business, show some creativity and use simple online services. Before you figure out the complex usage of specialized programs, try to generate it yourself using the online services listed in the list below:

DesignEvo is one of the easiest design services that help you create amazing logos. The service allows you to design a logo in a short time, by offering 9000+ options for ready-made templates. When you click the “make a free logo” button of the DesignEvo, you will see dozens of predefined logo templates on the right side of the screen. You can select any templates according to your purpose. If you prefer, it is also available to start from scratch. It is possible to insert icons, enter texts, add shapes, change the background color, and make a number of color and size settings as you like. After only a few clicks, you will design a logo what suits your website. Besides, created logo in low resolution is available to download for free.

4 Online Services to Design Logos Easily

Logaster is an advanced service for designing bright and attractive logos with an intuitive interface that even a beginner will understand. Logaster can specify the name of the organization and select the desired category for a more accurate and suitable generation. Everything is pretty simple here. Choose the scope of your business or the theme of the site, enter the name of the company and that’s it. The system will generate several dozen ready-made logos. After selecting the desired logo, you can edit it: change the color, font, position of elements, add a shadow, etc. If you are satisfied, you can immediately go to download the logo.

4 Online Services to Design Logos Easily

Hipster Logo Generator
With the Hipster Logo Generator, you can create concise logos of vintage style. The editor gives the user a minimum of the necessary tools, but even such a modest functionality will allow you to collect an interesting brand name. Hipster Logo Generator offers to go through 4 steps. At the first stage, choose a shape: square, rhombus, circle, lines. Secondly, it is available to add graphic elements and give a little hipster style. Next, create a text block and place it in a circle, above, below or in the center. But it is worth remembering that you will not be able to change the position of the label. The final stage is the most interesting. Here the service offers to experiment with the color scheme, select the background, use a nice image for the substrate. The background image can be edited by adding to it one of the four proposed filters. At last, you will receive a png 600 × 500 px layout for free, without registration.

4 Online Services to Design Logos Easily

Fourth and last online tool of my list on the online services for creating a professional logo is LogoGarden. This site is one of the most easy-to-use for the creation of logos, with a wide range of customizations. In Logo Garden, you need to choose the type of activity and the symbol based on which the logo will be created. The editor has many fonts, allow you to overlay various effects on the text. Besides, it also has a rich color palette. Anyway, you can make your logo with symbols, texts, and forms easily and effortlessly. What’s more, created logos in low quality can also be obtained free of charge.

Anyway, the most important thing is to highlight the uniqueness of your business, clearly convey the necessary message to the audience and enjoy the result!

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  1. Great list. There are a couple of these that I haven’t heard of and will have to check out! Of the ones you listed, do you have a favorite?

  2. I have been blogging for nearly a year now and I haven’t thought of where and how I will come up with my own logo. I have favorited this so I know where to get it done.


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