3 Best Waves Plugin

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3 Best Waves Plugin

When it comes to music production, mixing and mastering of vocal help to increase the quality of the sound. Waves plugins are different plugin created specifically to help music producer in mixing of vocal.

Because of the unique functions that waves plugins does it has becomes one of the most sort after plugins when it comes to music production.

Waves plugin are used by expert music producer to create high quality sound for your listening pleasure whether the music is hip-hop, reggae, pop, blues, rap and so many music genre used waves plugin.

In this guide, I will show you 3 waves plugin that you can used for your next music production.

2 Vocal Effect To Improve Your Sound
Listening to rough work of music that has not be mastered and mixed, you will discover that the sound quality is of low quality and cannot be released to the market.
Music producer use different type of vocal effect to increase the quality of the sound. Vocal effect use in music production include:

  • Compression: This is the most widely used vocal effect in music production, Compression help to make the low sound in the music to be heard and balance the music sound.

compression wave plugin are used by music producer to compress the sound.
Best compressor plugin and compressor vst

  • Waves SSL G-Master Bus Compressor
  • Slate Digital FG-Grey
  • Vertigo VSC-2
  • UAD API 2500
  • Klanghelm MJUC
  • UAD Teletronix LA-2A
  • TDR Kotelnikov
  • Waves MaxxVolume
  • Elysia Alpha Compressor
  • Slate Digital FG-Red
  • Waves BSS DPR-402
  • FabFilter Pro-C2
  • U-He Preplugin
  • Equalization: Popularly called Eq help increase the quality of tonal character of music.

3 Best Waves Plugins

Let us to the main topics, 3 best waves plugin for music producer. The plugin you choose will depends on your choice and price. One thing to note is that best waves plugin depends on your skill level.

  • CLA Vocals

This is the first waves plugin that I will review. The plugin is created in collaboration Chris Lord-Alge, who is an award-winning music engineer . It was designed to aid in vocal mixing using Lord-Alge’s vocal effect parameter to improve the sound quality.

Why you should choose CLA vocal

  1. All-in-one vocal processor plugin that can suit your music production needs.
  2. Developed in collaboration with Chris Lord-Alge. An award winning music engineer that is respected in the music industry.
  3. Combines vocal effects like delay, reverb, and pitch modulation effects.
  4. Tone controls for easy shaping of vocal tracks
  5. Multiple compression types for more control over dynamics
  6. Helps you achieve radio-ready sound quality quickly in record time.
  • Wave SSL E-channel

Another great wave plugin done with collaboration from Chris Lord-Alge an award winning music engineer that is respected in the music industry and Grammy Award winning enginner Dave Pensado.

The equalization section of the plugin is based on the Black Knob equalizer developed by George Martin in 1983.

The SSL is based on solid state logic and it is equip with 4-band parametric equalization section, Hi Pass/Low Pass Filters and a dynamics section with a compressor one of the best compression waves plugin in the market.

  • Waves Doubler

Popularly called by Doubler by music producer, doubler add doubling effect to sound which makes the sound bigger and easy to mixed and mastered.

  • Doubler also add vocal effect like offering delay and pitch modulation effects as well to your sound.
  • Double-tracking and chorus capabilities
  • Produces 1980s-style harmonizing and pitch detune effects to your sound
  • Automatic vocal doubling to increase the sound quality

When it comes to best waves plugin, the choice of the plugin you choose depends on your skill level and the type of sound you want to mix and mastered.

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