2D Animation Software Programs and Tools That Are Perfect For Beginners

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2D Animation Software Programs and Tools That Are Perfect For Beginners

The field of animation has been around for decades but it started with the hand-drawn approach of traditional art but now animation is being created and rendered digitally. These digital design programs are not only available in the form of desktop programs but also are now brought into mobile apps. However, with the competition becoming tougher every second, what can one do to stand out?
You might be looking to work with a video animation company and get the animated content you need for it but there is a simpler alternative present as well. Using the 2D animation tools listed below, you can create your very own animated content from scratch.

Synfig Studio
Being an open-source software Synfig Studio is mainly used for its 2D vector graphic art creation features. It allows you to render animated content in the form of a timeline and align the graphics according to it. Once you have customized it, you can animate it further. The features and tools are a bit complex as compared to most of the open-source animation software out there but its ability to let you work on vector art and multiple layers make it unique.

Retas Studio
Developed by Celsys, Retas Studio is supported by a cross-platform environment of both Windows and Mac OS. While it can be used for the production of any animation form but it is more suitable for Japanese Anime creation and that is the industry where it has claimed more significance. Retas Studio was solely made for the Japanese audience but soon Celsys released the Retas! Pro HD Series that is available in English and it has been divided into four different programs called Stylos, TraceMan, PaintMan, and CoreRETAS Hd.

Now a legacy software program by Serif, DrawPlus is an animation creation and 2D vector art editor that can be purchased but it has no further updates available. Its toolkit includes an extensive range of brushes that includes realistic-looking brushes for watercolor, oil and paint art. This program has two versions named as the DrawPlus X8 that is a premium version and a free Starter Edition package. Both of these packages are supported by Wacom tablet along with its features. You can create stop-frame animated content using DrawPlus and utilize its vector art editing features to the fullest.

An open source and cross-platform 2D animation tool, Pencil2D can become your prime option for 2D animation if you are a novice at it. Its uniqueness is judged by how it lets you turn your drawings into a fully customizable 2D format without any additional cost. The functionality of Pencil2D is based on a bitmap or vector drawing that you can both draw and animate easily. It is not only available on Mac and Windows but you can even use it on your Linux OS. If you are a beginner at animation creation and you are looking for a start then you can make the most out of this lightweight software.

TVPaint Animation
With a simple user interface and accessible features, TVPaint Animation is made for the creation of 2D animated content. It possesses a significant name in the realm of simplistic animation production and both novice animators and professionals alike use it. from the creation of contemporary graphic art to editing tools, TVPaint has almost everything covered. What might be a turn off is its price since it costs $590 and that is a price tag that new animators would not be able to purchase. Other than that, it has every feature that makes the process of animation more interesting than ever.

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  1. Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed!
    Very helpful information particularly the last part 🙂 I care for such information a lot.
    I was looking for this particular information for a long time.
    Thank you and good luck.

  2. Great tools here – my oldest is getting a minor animation and loves creating things using digital – I’m going to send this to her to check it out. Which one do you prefer over the others listed?

  3. Very informative and detailed! Each software system sounds like it offers something different yet great. It all really depends on what your looking for and your preference.

  4. I did a bit of 2D animation in high school and college, but these are all new to me. I learned it on Flash which was not owned by Adobe at the time. Reading through these it seems like the programs have come a long way since the !

  5. Kate Loves Travel

    I’ve not heard of any of these but they sound like great programs for animation. Thankfully my hubby is good at this kind of thing as I’m not lol!

  6. I haven’t heard of any of these programs. I don’t think I would go with TV Paint Animation because of the cost but trying some of these out instead of attempting on photoshop is definitely an idea.

  7. Right programs are always helpful. Tools are the exact elements that make something really productive (helps to scale things up). I have a friend how is interested in learning animation, I’ll share this list with him.

  8. I’m so impressed by the many ways there are to express creativity. I don’t know much about animation, but this has me interested.

  9. My childhood dream is to create a simple game. Well, this one proves why I was not in that path right now. hehe confusion. They sound so simple yet the implementation is kind of a different thing really.

  10. How cool. My son would be interested in this. I’ll have to show him this post for sure. He loves animation.

  11. Ohh now these sound like some really interesting programmes! I could totally see myself checking them out and seeing what I could make with them.

  12. This is absolutely going to help a lot starters. I like that it isn’t complicated at all. This is worth the try.

  13. This is great, my daughter is very interested in animation. She enjoys watching and drawing characters from Anime. I must tell her about the Retas Studio software.

  14. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about animations but I’m willing to learn and try. Thank you so much for sharing this list. I will check them out.

  15. The animation is always my favorite and glad to learn about it here. I hope to pick up more tips from this website as I am still a beginner.

  16. I tried my hand at animation once and it was a big flop. I can see I tried to start with more advanced programs and I need to try some of these and start at the beginning.

  17. I am not an artist but this post helped to find programs for beginners like me. I am a bad artist but there is hope for me!

  18. I am not good at Animation, thanks for sharing this info. I will check it out. I would like make some funny animation for my blog though if possible.

  19. These are very helpful tools. My brother is currently self studying 2d animation, and I bet your post will be more helpful for him.

  20. I absolutely love animated videos thanks to my love for animated Disney programs. Anyway, I enrolled into film school hoping to also learn as much animation as I can.


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