23 Quick Blog Tasks

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Quick Blog Tasks

Your blog needs constant maintenance if you want to be a successful blogger; some blogger work on their blog daily, while others update their blog weekly. If you’re going to stand out from the rest, you need to start working on your daily, and in this article, I will look at 30 quick blog tasks that you can finish within five minutes.

If you follow these quick blog tasks, your productivity is increased. Most people find it hard to spare a few minutes every day to work on their blog and rely on the services of a virtual assistant to manage their blog.

You can also outsource some of these blog tasks, but it costs money that new bloggers don’t have.

23 Quick Blog Tasks

You should write these quick blog tasks down and start implementing them on your blog. Leaving your blog without daily or weekly changes affects your blog traffic and revenue.

Update Of Plugins
WordPress Plugins are crucial to the smooth running of your blog, and it need constant updating to newer versions as it protect your blog from security vulnerabilities. You can set your blog to automatically update to the latest version from your WordPress dashboard or manually update the plugin yourself. Failure to update to a newer version can lead to hackers taking control of your blog.

Updating Of Theme
Blog themes like plugins also need to be updated to a newer version. Theme providers add new features to protect your blog from security vulnerabilities and follow the latest Google guidelines. These quick blog tasks can be part of your weekly or monthly blog tasks.

Comment moderation
While these tasks can be stressful if you are not using Askimet plugins to reduce spam comments, you should add this task to your weekly quick blog tasks by deleting spam comments, publishing other people’s comments, and replying to other meaningful comments.

Checking of email for messages
Check your blog email address for messages every day to not miss sponsored post opportunities and business inquiries.

Schedule Twitter posts with Buffer
Use the Buffer app to schedule posts to Twitter every day. Regular posting on Twitter makes your account engaging. You can also use revive old post plugins to automatically post your blog articles on Twitter.

Add your new post to Facebook page
Add a new post to your Facebook page and group to get traffic back to your blog. Once you publish your post, you can share it on your Facebook page.

Create blog graphics with Canva.
Canva can be used to create high-quality graphics for your blog post. And the best part is that it is free to use, and you can upgrade to a paid plan for paid stock image, template, and video.

Update old posts on your blog
Another quick blog task that you can start today is updating old posts. People don’t like reading old posts published three years ago because they believe that there is new and latest information out there.

Check Google Analytics Report
Google Analytics provides a depth report about your blog performance. Check Google Analytics to better understand your blog traffic and how to improve your blog traffic.

Pin your blog post on Pinterest
Create your pin on Canva and share your pin on Pinterest for traffic generation. Use the Pinterest native scheduler to schedule pins for your weekly blog task.

Keyword Research
Keyword research is very important before you start writing a new post. Tool like keysearch or kwfinder provide thousands of long-tail keywords that you can target and rank for.

Check your blog for broken links
Broken links affect the SEO performance of your blog; check for broken links as part of your monthly blog task.

Write a new blog post
Write at least twice a week on your blog to attract readers to stay on your blog. Make sure you perform keyword research before writing an article on your blog.

Create a new pin for old blog post
New pin for an old blog post should be part of your monthly blog tasks. This helps you to drive traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

Build relationships with other bloggers
Relationships with other bloggers help you to find sponsored post opportunities, guest post opportunities, and so many more. You can build relationships with other bloggers in your niche using Twitter, Facebook, and email.

Add an Internal link to your blog post
Check old posts without internal links and add an internal link to the blog post.

Build high-quality backlink
Backlink is vital for your blog SEO, and you need to start building backlink through a guest post, infographics, and HARO to improve your SEO score, domain authority, and domain rating.

Remove toxic links from your blog
Toxic links affect your blog SERP, whether you build backlinks with high spam scores or other bloggers attack your blog with low-quality backlinks. You need to find and remove toxic links from your blog. Use tools like Moz to find harmful links and use Google disavow tool to disavow the links.

Add affiliate links to your blog
Monetize your blog with affiliate marketing by joining affiliate programs and adding unique affiliate links to your blog post.

Back up your blog
Back up your blog with an undraft plus plugin to save your blog to Dropbox, or you can reach out to your host provider and ask them to back up your blog daily, weekly, or monthly.

Join Facebook group
Find and join a Facebook group to meet like-minded bloggers, ask questions and learn more blogging tricks.

Reach out to brand for a sponsored post
Instead of waiting for brand to reach out, you can reach out to brand for sponsored post opportunity.

Create a video tutorial about your blog post
Create a video tutorial about your blog post and upload it to your YouTube channel. And add the YouTube link to your blog post.

This quick and straightforward blog task can be done within a few minutes, and you can also set a particular day to implement all these changes on your blog.

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