Wedding On A Budget: 20 Ways To Save Money

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Wedding on a budget
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A wedding can be pricey when you find the right person. It really can. Some save for YEARS to relieve a proportion of the financial burden created by it. According to Hitched, the average cost of a wedding is £31,974 – more than the average yearly salary.

With this year being as unpredictable and in some cases, heartbreaking as it has been – there are still some positives. Covid will end, and weddings will still go ahead. This guide shares some tips for saving money to create the perfect wedding on a budget.

Wedding On A Budget: Ways To Save

  • Make your DIY table trinkets -It is a lot easier than once thought, and it saves you so much money. You could buy vases and artificial flowers, for example and dress them up with knick-knacks and decorative items.
  • See if you can plan the wedding without a wedding planner, they can be costly after all.
  • Plan plan plan – make a detailed list of what you need first, then it should you be under the budget, then consider some “nice to have” items.
  • Strip it back – Not every element needs to be the best in the world / what all the influencers and celebrities have; it needs to be right for you.
  • Have a look on Pinterest, forums, and feeds to gain inspiration. Buying straight from the store could be expensive (or regretted). Shop around and consider similar alternatives.
  • Let your loved one’s chip in – Usually allowing them to help (without being in control) can be beneficial to saving money while planning a wedding on a budget.
  • Remain consistent when financial budgeting – Understand that you are planning a wedding on a budget, know how much you can afford to spend, and stick to it. Going over budget can easily happen, especially as obstacles get in the way – so account for that in the planning process.
  • Get married when the time is right – Do not rush things for the sake of it – do it when you can afford it.
  • Ask for cash as a gift – This is a perfectly normal request – especially when you don’t have specific gift requirements.
  • Elope – Always a suggestion for those that want a smaller wedding. With more ceremonies charging per head, it can be cheaper and help with bringing the price down.
  • Get a package deal – It may be cheaper to get everything from a one-stop shop – for example – venue, flowers, photographer/videographer.
  • Ask a friend to do your hair and makeup – Again, this brings the price down. More importantly, it brings a certain level of trust – especially as you can say what you like (and don’t).
  • Buy a second-hand dress – Wedding dresses can be expensive, so opt for one second-hand. I know this is not for everyone, but many charity shops stock wedding dresses, usually at 75-90% off. A dress with saving this large allows for a larger buffer for alteration costs.
  • Have a BYO policy – For anyone that does not know this, many couples are opting for a “Bring Your Own Policy,” which helps to have more people at the wedding but keeps the cost down.
  • Look for non-wedding items – Companies can add a premium on items attached to weddings, so look for purchases that do not have this costly label.
  • Wedding fairs really can be expensive – Imagine it, anything and everything you can imagine for your wedding in one place. So easy to buy things you do not need. Restrain yourself and keep a level head when attending.
  • Skip the wedding band – In a digital age, you may not need a fancy band or DJ. Stick a Spotify playlist on, with one person in control, and you have saved hundreds.
  • Do not try to please everyone – Trust me; it is costly. You do not need to be the couple with EVERYTHING at the wedding because it can be overwhelming. Stick to what you want, not what you think others want.
  • Do not have an open bar – They are expensive, and some people always use and abuse the system. As an alternative, give everyone a “one free drink” pass, and then it is handed over to the guests.
  • Make a monthly plan schedule, planning, and breaking up payments into small, manageable chunks.
  • Have your wedding ceremony and reception in the same place – This could be an ideal way of bringing the price down and making logistics easier – for example, taxis from venue to venue will not occur.

Wedding on a budget for new couple

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