15 Tailwind Tribes Tips To Grow Your Blog

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When it comes to pinterest marketing, the best tool to schedule your pin automatically is Tailwind. Though there are other tool that you can use for your pinterest automation, but Tailwind is the best. Tailwind create tailwind tribes for its user to help them grow their blog. In this article, we are going to focus on 15 Tailwind Tribes Tips To Grow Your Blog.

What Is Tailwind?
Tailwind is one of the tool approve by Pinterest for you to schedule your pin automatically. The introduction of tailwind has help a lot of bloggers to use pinterest to drive massive traffic to their blog every day. No matter your niche, you should be able to grow your blog with pinterest.

Tailwind comes with free 100 pin for new user to test run tailwind and you can upgrade to their plus plan which cost $120 if you pay annually or $15 for monthly payment.

What your get from tailwind include:

  • Unlimited Pin submission if you choose their annual payment or 400 pin submission per month for monthly payment.
  • Pin inspector to find out your best performing pin.
  • Board Inspector for you to find out the board that bring about high engagement rate for your pin.
  • Free 30 monthly tribes submission.
  • Pinterest follower rate and organic traffic.

What Is Tailwind Tribe?
Tailwind tribe was introduced by Tailwind to replace Pinterest group board. The main problem of pinterest group board is that the level of engagement rate is low because other pinner just add their pin without repining other pin.
Another problem associated with Pinterest group board is that pinner find it hard to join high quality group board because the owner is not looking for new people.
But with tailwind tribe, the two main problem associated with pinterest is solved.

Tailwind tribes are closely regulated with strict rules to ensure that pinners are repining other pin which help to grow your blog and pinners with high quality pinterest group can see your pin on their platform.
When they pin your pin to high quality group board, you get instant blog visitor.

15 Tailwind Tribes Tips To Grow Your Blog

  • Create Your Own Personal Tribe

Tailwind allow its user to create tribes for free. The tribe you created is not limited by the 30 monthly tribes submission as you can add your first 20 pin free to your tribe.
Think of your tailwind tribe as your pinterest personal board where you have control over the control of the tribe. You can add your pinterest friends as members of your pinterest tribe and watch as your tribe mates grows.

  • Use Keywords To Find Popular Tribes

Tailwinds tribes has a description section where the owner of the tribe describes the tribes by adding related keywords.
You can find out tribes that you want by searching for keywords. It would display different tribes that you can join.

  • Join Tribes Related To Your Blogging Niche

Tailwind tribes that is related to your blogging niche can help drive traffic to your blog because your tribes mates are in your field and are more likely to click or save your pin. A blogger that focus on food, should join tribes related to food blogger to increase the chance of people noticing your pin.

  • Use Tailwind Popular Keywords To Find Tribes

There are lot of tribes that might not contain your preferred keyword in their tribes description and as a result you find it difficult to find this tribe.
But with tailwind popular keywords, you can find out related tribes to join.

  • Follow Each Tribes Rules

The main advantage that tailwind tribes has over pinterest group board is that it is very easy for tribe owner to find out pinners that is not following their reshare rule. Follow each tribe rules and watch as other reshare your pin.

  • Hide Already Schedule Pin

Tailwind gives you ability to hide the pin that you have already share from tribes. Once you hide already schedule pin, you can found new pin that your followers who like.

  • Thank Your Tribe Mates For Sharing Your Pin

Though a lot of people don’t do this. But you can still go ahead and thank you tribe mates for sharing your pin, this could help to create meaningful relationship with your fellow bloggers.
If you found out that a particular tribe mate alway reshare your pin, you can reciprocate by looking for the tribe mate pin.

  • Share Regularly

Think of tribe as pinterest, and sharing your pin to your tribes regularly who help your pin to be noticed by other pinners. The more pin you submit to your tribes the higher your engagement rate would be. Don’t forget to schedule other people pin and interact with your tribes mates.

  • Don’t Pin Your Pin To All Your Tribes

Submitting one pin to your tribes at a time can reduce your pin engagement rate. You can schedule your pin to A,B,C tribe today and the same pin to C, D, E tomorrow and so on.

  • Find Out The Best Time To Pin On Your Tribes

If you submit high quality pin to your tribe when high percentage of tribe mates are online can help your pin to have high engagement rate.

  • Pay Annually

Tailwind allow you to schedule unlimited pin if you pay for their plus plan annually while monthly payment is limited to 400 schedule pin per month. If you stick with the annual payment you can easy schedule other tribes mate pin.

  • Join Tribes With Small Member

If you want your pin to be notice by your tribe mates, you need to join tribes with small member at least 300. If the tribe is engaging, your pin should drive traffic to your blog.

  • Join Tribes With High Activity Bar

The only metrics that tailwind provides is the tribe activity bar. Try to join tribe with full activity bar because it means that the tribe is active.

  • Leave Unproductive Tribes

After join a few tribes and you have submitted few pins to these tribes, you should try to check if the tribe is working or not. An unproductive tribe is wasting your pin submission and you should try and leave immediately.

  • Search For New Tribes Every Month

New tribes are created every day and you should find new tribe to join. Make sure that you check the tribe activity bar before joining. If after joining a tribe, you are not getting any reshares or Repin, you should leave immediately.

  • Move Over From 30 Free Tribe Submission To Paid Plan

Tailwind offer free 30 tribe submission every month and you can only join 5 tribes. But once you switch to their paid plan, you get an increase in your tribe membership and pin submission per month.

Tailwind tribes help blogger who are interested in driving traffic to their blog through pinterest. With their free plan, you get 5 tribes membership and 30 tribe submission. You can upgrade to their unlimited tribe plan to get more from tailwind tribes.

What is your experience using tailwind tribes tips to grow your blog? Share with us in the comment section!

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  1. great post! I want to get more into it, as I think it could help my traffic but it’s still so confusing to me! šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing all of this, I’m going to carefully go through it and try to implement xxoo Bee

  2. Blog Growth via Pinterest is on trend and I have seen lot of bloggers suggesting tailwind for the same. Thank you for sharing the tribes šŸ™‚


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