15 Actionable Tips for Planning Your Blog Content

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15 Actionable Tips for Planning Your Blog Content

Choose your platform:

Before starting to write it is the very first step to choose which platform will be more convenient to write your blog. Some more popular platforms are as given below:

• WordPress.com

• Google Blogger

• Tumblr

• Squarespace

• Medium

One can very easily create his/her site but most importantly every blog gets more public attention if you are keeping your own website.

Write Regularly:

Creating one or two blogs and you don’t notice the efficient public crowd in your post and you get demotivated! This is not a fair idea to start with. Regularly update your content and everyday participation make you an active writer that will help people to know that you are socially active and quite serious about your task.

Get the idea of what you want to write:

After setting your mind and boost yourself quite to write first think the reader’s feedback. Because it’s not new what you are writing for the first time! Do some good research, what is on Google’s front page? What else will you deliver new? Will it help the people? These points are very essential to verify before writing any blog content and make sure that you edit your work to remove error and grammatical mistakes, you can sign up on Grammarly for free. This tool will help you to edit your article for free and you can move to their paid plans.

Always Include Photos:

Don’t skip images. There is nothing worse than Stock images that add no value to the articles. It needs fit with your brand. It should always keep in mind that the photographs must not associate with copyrights issue and they are the stock photos. Here are some websites where you find handy to find your relevant photos for your writings.

Quiz Your readers:

You may probably see the buzz feed but announcing some great interesting quiz on some topic will be a great idea to our fellow viewers. Quiz are easily shareable and provide us with a backlink because it’s quite interactive.

Reach is Important not loyalty:

Focus on getting in front of more people instead of making your readers more loyal. Your subject matter should be constructed for new readers Ironically, that leads to more loyalty.

Diversify Your Content:

Experiment with a different type of web content format. Try infographics, Video, webinar, worksheets, checklist, podcast and interview.

Make your content actionable:

Give your readers lessons and action to take. Tell them how the best use of the material you provide to them. Try and deliberate call to action somewhere in your post.

Publish at best time:

Where the majority of the audience? Hit the publish button at the peak time for maximum exposure and result. Generally, you want your people to follow at their desk not swamped by their email.

Use a caring and informal voice:

It’s a good idea to try and write as if you are talking to your best mates. You want to communicate but not the way like a professor is talking to a first-year student! Keep it easy.

Focus on the beginners:

The majority of the traffic for your website will be the beginners – otherwise, why would they be searching for a solution? Try to keep the enriched blog for beginner issue in order to bring more and more audience for your blog.

Keep it Evergreen:

Evergreen content is content that is quite eye-catchy and relevant forever. Think “How to get into Olympics-2016 “as opposed to “How to go into Rio-2016?” As you want your article to get rank on Google for the long term.

Include links to authoritative sources:

A good blog is like a good college essay in that it should contain some effective reference links that will allow a user to get more information and news from other bloggers or writer that will be always fruitful for the people who will get into your content.

Get help producing it:

Sometimes there is no need to do all writings/image creation /video by yourself rather you can take some fruitful ideas from some professional website like Freelancer.com, Fiverr.com or 99Designs.com and become more prolific.

Reading Habits:

Find some popular blogger corresponding to your content and look away from how they are representing their content. It will really get into a real mindset and enhance your voice in the right direction. I really love Storyteller like George Saunders and other New Yorker contribution.

Advertising and Promotion

Creating content is not enough rather we need to promote them to the people. It is the most important part of blog creation.

Creating a mailing list and landing page:

Start with your end goals. For example, “you are selling a book” – You have written. Now work way backwards by setting up your mailing list with an email series. A blog is a great way to promote your mailing list and your mailing list can promote other things in turns.

Buy some Ads:

Your blog is a business just like anyone else you need to promote it. Consider a strategy consultation with a small business marketing consultant. Try Facebook Ads or promote some other affiliated products.

Create an eBook pdf:

Find pre-loyal Subscribers and a revenue stream and increase the crowds of your fans by eBook. People Love to download it.

Add dozens of Links and Resources:

When you share other links and resources along with your content, it always gives you a healthy attribute to your existing blog content. You have helped other bloggers to promote their content and there is a fair expectation that they will help yours too.

Cross Promote with other bloggers:

Team with the other people in your niche so you can tap into their audience. Just make sure you genuinely love their and work and your creation will definitely helpful and useful.

Focus on the place that gets the result:

Check out Google Analytics and see which post is performing well, which ones need work, monitor keywords,, and see what is trending!

Comment on another blog:

Commenting on another blog will a good idea to draw other attention. Find the top, popular blog, and start communicating.

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