10 Online Job For Teens

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There are so many online job for teens, with so many platform encouraging teenagers to work online and earn considerable sum of money each month. 

Making money online is very easy and once you understand their requirements, you can join online platform and earn cash each month. Though there are a lot of fake online platforms that is looking for teenagers data to harvest and sell to third party user.

The major characteristics of fake online platform include high payout that is more than 1,000% of the industry average, bad negative review and lack of information about the owner, location and payment method.

I have review a couple of fake online platforms that you should check out to avoid falling in the wrong hand that can lead to serious havoc in your financial life.

Online job for teens are jobs that any body can do without stress, their requirements are easy to met and once you reach your withdrawal threshold, you are sure of getting the money in your bank account. To increase your earning online, you can start learning a new skill and offer your skill for people on different platform.

Another cool way that can help you to make money online is  through blogging. 

Online jobs for teenagers

How do online platform pay their workers
Working online as a teens is a form of job and these online companies think of you as their workers. They have different payment method for their workers. You can check out each payment method before you job to find out if their payment method is supported in your country. Popular way of online companies paying their workers include:

  • PayPal
  • Gift cards
  • Payoneer
  • Bitcoin
  • Check

Many people have turn this online jobs to their main job and the money they are making from the internet is more than enough to sustain their life, you check check my article on how to avoid paypal fees. Here is list of 10 online jobs for teens.

10 Online Job For Teens

1. Swagbucks
If you are older than 13 years, you can join swagbucks and participate in their daily task. This is one of the best way of making money online as teens because there are task that fit your profile and they are reliable.

Swagbucks is a get paid to (gpt) rewards sites that offers survey, market research and daily task for people. The best part is that you are rewarded for your time and the platform is not involve in any data harvesting scandal.
Every 100 points you earn on swagbucks is equivalent to $1. And when you earn up to 500 points which is equivalent to $5, you can cash out through any gift card of your choice.

If you want to use PayPal to withdraw your earning, you need to get 2,500 points which is $25.
Swagbucks is very easy to do and if you are in USA, you have more chance of making money faster compare to teens from other countries.

2. Survey Junkie
If you like participating in survey, you can also make cool cash with survey junkie.
Survey junkie is a website where you can take part in survey and you get paid for your time. If you are older than 13, you can go over to their website and register.

Filling in your bio data, this will help you to get more survey if you have a completed profile, once survey junkie find a survey that match your profile, you will be notify to participate in the survey.
Survey junkie pay through PayPal, gift card of any kind and so on.

3. Fiverr
Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can get gig by offering to work online. The best part about fiverr is that it allow teenagers to work on their platform.
If you are sure of your skill and you can compete with other people for gig, you can head over to fiverr to look for gig.
Fiverr pay its workers through PayPal and Payoneer which allows virtually all countries.

4. Teens Eyes
Teens Eyes is a website create for teenagers between the age of 13 and 18 to make money online by participating in survey. Company targeting teenagers are interested in teens opinion about the service to improve their business service delivery. When you take part in teens eyes survey, you get 200 points for every survey completed.
100 teens eyes points is equivalent to $1 and when your earning reach 1,000 points which is equivalent to $10, teens eyes send your earning through check.

5. Humanatic
Humanatic is another way for teens to make money online by reviewing call and getting paid. To sign up is very easy and it is free.
The task is simple, listen to recorded phone conversation and answer simple questions about the recording. Humanatic pay through PayPal, and is not suitable for teens in other countries where you can’t register on PayPal.

6. CafePress
Do you know how to design clothes using graphics designer software? If the answer is yes, then cafepress is right for you.
Cafepress allow you to upload your design on their website and add your design to cloth, mug, pillow case, bed sheet and so on.

Once your design is accepted by Cafepress, their visitor can buy your design and you earn 10 – 15% of the cost of the products.
Cafepress pay its designer through PayPal. You can increase your earning by promoting your design on social media to find new customers who might purchase your design.

7. Upwork
Upwork is an online platform that connect freelancer with business owner who need their service. With upwork, you can get steady stream of clients for your freelancing service.
Upwork allow teens that are legally 18 years old to work on their platform. You get client faster when you join upwork as a freelancer when compare with finding client alone.
Once you finish your first few work on their platform, you get higher rating and more clients for your business.

8. Qmee
Qmee let teens make money online through two methods. You can install qmee browser extension and make money when you browse online and engage with brands.
Or you can take part in qmee survey, download their application on Google Play Store or Apple Store and give your opinion about brands.
Qmee pay its user through PayPal and Gift card.

9. Care.com
Do you like to make money online as a teen by housekeeping, taking care of kids and pet and so many more?
You can join care.com for free and find opportunities around your location. Care.com give you suggested pay rate based on your experience, location and availability on selected days.

10. Instagram
Instagram is a social media site that allow people to upload picture and engage with their friends and followers.
The site is a social networking platform that you can take advantage of and start making money online through sponsored post.

Instagrammer who make money on Instagram are called social media influencer and you can become a social media influencer by increasing your number of followers and engagement rate.

11. E-commerce

Another fast way of making money is through selling online. You can create your e-commerce site for your business. You can start selling physical goods or digital goods on your website.

Online job for teens is a way for teenagers to find work to do online and the money they make on this job platform can help teens in their day to day activities.

Online jobs for teens

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