10 Benefits of Piling Foundations

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Piling foundations

Piling foundations have a range of applications across both residential and commercial construction projects. They are widely used due to their many benefits, especially when compared with concrete foundations, as discussed below:

  1. Piling foundations can be used on weak soil that might not otherwise support the weight of a building. In fact, they can be installed in any ground, whereas concrete can usually only be used at fairly shallow depths.
  2. Installation of piling foundations can occur any time of the year. Concrete, on the other hand, cannot be installed in winter because it’s too cold for it to cure.
  3. Piling foundation don’t require curing time. This means that they can be built upon immediately, so installation and construction is generally quicker.
  4. There is less noise pollution and very limited vibration of the ground when installing piling foundations. This is particularly valuable in environmentally sensitive areas, such as wetlands or historical sites.
  5. Recent experiments imply that piling foundation is a fantastic choice in earthquake prone areas.
  6. Piling foundations are installed using more convenient equipment. It is smaller, non-disruptive and more energy-efficient. Alternatively, concrete slabs require a lot of cleared space and substantial equipment, which is a less attractive option.
  7. Removing piling foundation is often comparable to the installation in terms of how easy it is, which means they can be recycled using minimal energy.
  8. Piling foundations are more energy-efficient, not only because they can be recycled, but also because they are often actually made with partially recycled metals. This reduces waste and is more eco-friendly compare to other types of building foundations.
  9. Concrete is often more expensive than piling foundations, so the latter may help to keep overall costs of the project to a minimum.
  10. Piling foundation have a small footprint, which means they can be used in restricted areas. They can even be installed using a hand-held device, if necessary.

The benefits you derive from using piling foundation for your house is enormous.

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